Am “I” really doing this…

…It appears so

I have read blog after blog and I always thought “hmmm I would like to start a blog” I mean I have lots to say that I don’t normally get to.  I want to start out by saying that 2010 has sucked ass big time! Can you swear in blog world?? I am turning 30 on January 10 2011 and I am praying, hoping, begging for a much better year.  Do I sound desperate, well I am in many ways, however I don’t want to focus on the past, it’s over.  Instead I am going to blog about all the great and possibly not so great things that happen to me over the next year! 

Are you ready for ME? I am…as much as I love Christmas, I don’t this year and I am READY for 2011 to start.

Here are a list of goals (not resolutions cause let’s face it no one ever completes a resolution list) I want to accomplish within the next year:

1. I joined Weight Watchers in October 2010 and I would like to lose minimum 25 pds this year!

2. My credit card is maxed with school fees, shoes and clothes and my car etc etc.  If I stick to the budget I have created for myself then I will have no credit card debt by January 2012!

3. I have not travelled very much in my life and I would like to travel more.  I don’t care where really.  I would just like to travel to 2 or more places this year. 

4. My hope is that I won’t turn down ANY invitations this year.  If someone wants to go out – I am going out (unless it doesn’t work with the budget I talked about in number 2).

5. Last one…I lost the love of my life this year and my goal is to enjoy being single, enjoy being me and maybe even figure out who I am.  I am not saying I won’t date this year (or maybe even get back with said ex?!) but I need some time for self discovery, self love and a whole lot of fun!

So this is what my blog will be about…me…in all my honest glory, the good, the bad and the ugly!  It’s possible no one will even read this, and worse off, possibly trash me on the internet!  But I need this…and I can’t wait to see what the blog, and 2011 brings me!

xoxo Nikilee

9 thoughts on “Am “I” really doing this…

  1. Nikki I’ve read your blog and I must say you’re awesome for having the balls (can you say balls in blog world) to be so transparent about your journey and goals. I’ll do my part and assist with number 3 – can you say VEGAS!!!

    Love you and wish you nothing but the best for 2011!!!


    • Hey girly – you need to talk to Ro cause she is bailing on our VEGAS plans! As if…I need this vacay so as long as you are game, I am game! I have already booked off October 13 and 14th (Thursday and Friday) so we can go…

      Love you, check back regularly. I am gonna try and blog daily or weekly! LOL



      • Oh… I’m still game for VEGAS – a few of my girls are coming too but I’ll surely give Ro a talking to about this rubbish of her not coming lol

        Love you – all the best

  2. I have had a sucky year too, so I can totally relate!

    Good job on the blog – keep it up!

    Here’s to 2011 – fresh starts, growth, experiencing life, positive changes and just being the women we were meant to be!!

  3. Well i will try and help with the vacations as much as possible or should i say as much as Jeff and Chase will let me out of the house lol.. My wedding is in 13months so make sure you add that into your budget cuz it might be pricey! You have almost motivated me to blog!

    • I know I can count on you for my vacation goals! I am planning on having my VISA paid off my 2012 so I can add your wedding to my VISA and pay it off quickly if I have to. I am so excited for your wedding! I cannot wait! Don’t forget – Chase is MY date! LOL…until I get drunk – then he is your date again…

      Blog, it is a lot of fun…do a mommy blog! I have read a few and they are very funny! Esp. since your son and hubby are hilarious!

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