The Biggest Loser – who me?

So last night The Biggest Loser aired their finale.  It was good – to many commercials as per usual – but the contestants looked great and declared to feel great! 

As I was watching, I got thinking about my own weight loss journey.  I was a “bigger” girl up until high school when I lost all my baby fat, grew a few inches (ya I am only 5’3 now so I needed the growth!) and started feeling good about my looks.  When I started University I slowly gained the freshman 15 and added another 5-10 pds a year every year since.  I have tried every pill and fad and have since realized that a lifestyle change is really the only way to go. 

It’s not about how fast you run the race, only that you finish…right?  Right!

So I looked to the one place I knew wouldn’t force pills down my throat or cut out all my yummy carbs…I have been messaging on the Weight Watchers boards for two years now and have finally decided to join a meeting group.  I have lost a pound or two every week for the last four weeks (except last week I gained two – but damn Christmas parties and pastries makes it hard!).  I think this is the route I am going to succeed on.  I don’t need to be losing 10 + pds a week.  That is not realistic for me!  Losing a pound, maybe two when I am good will make me happy and help me sustain this weight loss long term – like forever

When I was watching Biggest Loser I couldn’t help but notice how attractive this one contestant, Mark, was.  He has lost 208 pds!  Great for him!  I felt so superficial though because I remember when he came on the show 200+ pds heavier that I did not find him attractive at all.  I mean his personality was great and if I was single and got to know him, I probably wouldn’t care so much about the weight, but now I would base him completely on looks!  I feel evil!

  Am I evil?  No.  I think most people have to feel a physical attraction to someone before giving them the time of day.  But then, as a single (almost 30 year old) woman, do I stand a chance of someone being attracted to me?  I am definitely not as large as these contestants are, but I am a larger girl.  But I have a big heart too and I am smart, have a great job, am kind, friendly and special in many other ways.  I really hope that when people look at me they see all those amazing qualities and not just the “fullness” of my butt or belly! 

One day I hope to be able to stand on the WW scales as a healthy, thin woman who has the same qualities mentioned above, but I still hope that whatever guy shows interest in me, still looks at my qualities as the reason he wants to get to know me.  Another goal for 2011 – not to judge a book by it’s cover!

XOXO Nikilee

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser – who me?

    • LOL…I don’t know: if Stefan from Vampire Diaries weighed 350 – I’d still stick it out cause I remember what he “used” to look like. I have a vivid imagination! 🙂

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