Mistletoe – bah humbug!

How could something as simple as a kiss change my holiday like this…

A Toby Keith song I believe…

I myself in all my kissing history, have never, not once, been kissed under a mistletoe!  All the Christmas songs I have been listening to discuss this green leafy thing as some miracle Christmas has given us…I disagree.  It’s cruel and mean to all of us who romanticized the notion of being swept off our feet and kissed under a mistletoe, only to be disappointed, left alone. 

I can almost believe that a woman came up with this tradition of kissing under a mistletoe for one of two reasons:       1) She really liked kissing and thought she might as well come up with different ways of getting as many boys to kiss her as possible

2) She wanted to make some guy (or gal) jealous so she carried this stupid leaf over her head and kissed a bunch of randoms! 

See neither of these possibilities are romantic at all…yet we women (okay, I) still want to be kissed long and passionately under the stupid leaf!  I have had a boyfriend almost every Christmas season (except this one, how sad  :-P) one who did not celebrate Christmas so mistletoe was not a possibility and another one who celebrated as an actual religious holiday, for the spirit of the season, to be with family and friends, not to encourage silly traditions. 

I think I am going to put on my “must have’s in a man”, a man who will surprise me under the mistletoe!  Maybe Christmas 2011 will be my Christmas, will I still be blogging then?  Will you still be reading?  2011 brings about so many possibilities I almost wish I could skip ahead to all the good parts!  All I know, is if a man is in the kissing mood next Christmas, I WILL have a mistletoe and I will carry it around! 

Hope this last week before Christmas is good to us all!

XOXO Nikilee

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