2010, only a few days left…

So everyone knows I am SOOOO excited for this horrible year to be done and over with.  With the surgery, the stress of learning a new job and the ending of almost a 5 year rel’n, it’s been a hell of a year.  One I can’t wait to be over with!  But I have decided to talk today about all the great things this year has brought me.  While the list may be short, it’s a list that has gotten me through the worst of times.

1. In January I started a new job as a case worker for Social Services.  Now while this job has been stressful, it is also a job I can make a career out of.  I miss teaching, I AM a teacher, but with no FT teaching jobs I have had to put that plan on the back burner and look for something I could do that I could enjoy and get paid well to do.  Well the case worker job kind of fell in my lap and I never in a million years imagined me doing this job, but I really do enjoy it and it looks like I have a made a great start and a great impression, so I am hoping for only good things to come!

2. I have known this girl KM since I was in 9th grade.  We were never what you would call close, but we were friendly.  This year she has become one of my BEST friends and I fell absolutely in love with her.  Her kindness, compassion and empathy for everyone and everything I have gone through this year has just made me admire her and appreciate her even more.  She is one of the strongest people I know and I am a better person for having known her.

3. My brother married my best friend!  TM has been a part of my family for 16 years, but this year, PM made it official!  I was the maid of honour and I was honoured to be.  I know those two have had their issues and continue to do so, but I must say, having TM be my “sister” is one of the best things that happened to me!

4. I have become very close with two girls who are gf’s of my ex’s teammates in slo-pitch.  EL and KB are two girls I adore and have been able to spend time with outside of the baseball diamond.  Whether it be a Harry Potter night, dinner on the patio, playing with KB’s son CM or flying off to Chicago for a weekend, I have had a great time getting to know these ladies and I can’t wait to spend more time with them in 2011.

See 4 new things that have made this year not only tolerable, but memorable.  I am beginning to learn that while every year will bring about challenges, good times and bad, no one, and I mean NO ONE can ruin it except me.  So while 2010 may have been my worse personal year, it also helped me realize how great my life is and how it will get better when I let it. 

Thank you to all my friends and family (esp. those not mentioned here NW, RO, SM, work friends etc) who have stood by me and made me smile on many occasions. 

XOXO Nikilee

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