Thought for the day…

We should be in the business of living not making a living.” Written in 2010 by Lucien Bourjeily — Lebanon

So I was actually stuck for something to talk about today.  I am in such a hurry for this week to pass (one more day of work! WOOHOO!) that I am focused, seeing only straight ahead…not thinking of anything at all exciting.

So I thought I would google “thought for the day”.  This was actually December 15th’s thought for the day.  But it resonates so well with what I have been thinking/feeling lately that I had to put this one in.  Everyone I know, family, friends, co-workers are so into “making a living” or making money, that they forget to actually live, to travel, to eat, to play to love…

It is so easy to want the house, the car, the “Stuff” and just assume that there will be time for all the other things mentioned above. 

I am so guilty of this, I should hang my head in shame.  I wanted to move out of my father’s house so badly and have my own place I convinced my ex this was the right thing to do.  I (we) spent months making our apt beautiful, comfortable.  But I forgot to have friends over, to spend time with my ex enjoying the apt we had.  I was in the business of “making my living” and not actually “living”.  Ahhh to live without regret…I don’t think I ever would have learned if not forced into regret.  I have learned – oh boy have  I learned.  I cannot wait to live, to laugh, to play, to joke, to love, to share…

2011 … a few more days and we will meet – are you ready for me?? 

XOXO Nikilee

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