All I want for Christmas is…

my two front teeth…really?

Okay maybe not.  For the last 10 years or so the tradition in my family has been this – my dad gives me money about a month prior to Christmas from him and my grandmother and tells me to go shopping and he will wrap it all.  Well I have been doing this faithfully until about 5 years ago.  I realized, if you are giving me money to do with as I please, then why not just buy what I want and keep it in my closet.  I mean really – I am not going to pretend I don’t know what’s in the big shoe box and say “oh Steve Madden boots in grey – I LOVE them!”.  Of course I love them, I bought them!  So I have since decided that I am buying what I want for Christmas and keeping it and wearing it/using it from the day I buy it. 

However, this means I have very few gifts under the tree – some from my brother and sister-in-law, but really that’s about it. 

I don’t care though.  Christmas has really become more about watching other people’s expressions when they open the gifts I have bought them.  I try very hard to get people what they want or will like.  I take into account their interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes (for example, I was strictly forbidden to buy my youngest niece K anything with pink and purple on it – and she’d prefer if it was 10 sizes to big, but I just couldn’t go that far…I miss my girly girl!)  Really though I just like to sit back, in my P.J’s sipping tea watching the paper go flying, my brother yelling at the kids to calm down and pay attention to what they are unwrapping and my dad smiling through it all. 

See as much as I know the noise and the yelling and the running around drives him nuts, he loves his family and there is NO WHERE he would rather be than with all of us at Christmas, 

So is there anything on my Christmas list this year??  A purple iPod, a blu ray DVD player, Ricki’s gift cards, a big coach purse (preferably in black), 3rd season of gossip girl…

But all of these things I can buy for myself when I am good and ready to do so…

This will be my last blog of 2010 I’m afraid unless I can borrow someone’s computer until I return to work…I wish you all an amazing, safe, happy holiday season and an even better New Years.  Check back January 4th for a whole new year of blogging…until we meet again:

XOXO Nikilee


2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. How can you blog…and not have A COMPUTER!!!!! Screw the other showy items on the list and get a computer girl…. Another purse is just another purse….same with the iPOD and all other things….
    I mean yes…all you wnat for Christmas is health , love and well being for all…but add computer so we can read about your life even on your days OFF!

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