brrrr cold

So I begged for no snow and it looks like someone was looking out for me!  There was no snow storm, my car was clear and I went to Weight Watchers as planned.  Now I have not been really tracking, but I have been eating as healthy as possible – salads even!  I was rewarded!  The 3.2 pds I gained last week I lost this week!  WOOT WOOT!  I am so happy!  Any loss is a good loss in my books!

I spent the evening with N and K, so happy to be with two such amazing people!  I never thought it was possible to do nothing and be so content.  What a great evening.  It is damn cold though.  Even as I type this my fingers are frozen!  We didn’t go out much…

We packed N’s bag for Bahama’s!  YAY BAHAMAS!  I just have to finish my laundry and then I will be packed and we will be ready to go – we leave so soon!  Tomorrow is pedicures and laundry and rest – yes rest…strange thought right!?

Good night

XOXO Nikilee

The world is trying to convince me to slow down

Okay so I do my grocery shopping every week for me and daddy.  I have been a little lazy about it the past week or so because I feel like crap – emotionally and physically.  Last night I figured, why  not, get it done then the weekend is mine!  I went to a new Metro (well new to me) and they had everything I wanted – lots of fresh veggies, fruits and great picks of meat.  I got EVERYTHING on the list!  YAY ME right?  Well I put all my food items on the belt for the cashier to ring in and I put it in such a way that she could easily bag certain items together.  What does she do – she scans everything  and THEN bags it!  It takes so much longer then actually necessary and now everything is jumbled up and she has to give me 7 bags instead of the 5 I had planned for – hey that’s an extra 10 cents!  I was foot tapping I was going crazy watching her try to bag things and talk to another girls at the same time.  Thank you Metro girl for making me realize that time really is money – 10 cents in fact!

This morning I had to go to the hospital to see my specialist – nope not healed yet, but I can swim in the ocean and the salt MIGHT help heal my wound – which I thought hilarious because that would be a great excuse to go other places as well – “dad, I need to go to DR with E, J and H because the salt water from the ocean heals my wound…don’t you want me healed??”  YA RIGHT! So I am driving down the driveway beside the hospital in the left lane so I can go straight and then turn left into the area to get  a ticket for the parking garage.  The car next to me, which is in a right hand turn lane for the emergency doors, decides to go straight over the bump and into my lane!  Nice right!  So I slow down and let her in front of me.  She then goes back into the right lane and turns left into the area for the parking lot ticket, almost slamming into my car!  But no, I slow down again so she has some room – at this point I want to flip her and her car, but I think maybe she is here visiting a sick relative and is in distress with worry?!  Aren’t I nice, I left her and her car in tact.  I also sped up and passed her in the parking lot and took the first spot available – HAHAHAHA!  I am a genius…but hey – when I paid my ticket after I left the guy said I was two minutes under paying for the next time slot – so really – time was money, but this time I saved!!  WOOT WOOT! 

A week today I will be on a beach, but I will also be half done my vacation so while I really want the next few days to pass quickly, I also want my four-day vacation to be the longest four days of my life!  So speed up, slow down…time is very important to me!

XOXO Nikilee

Cairo – I love you

So Cairo is my friend E’s dog.  He is a huge Doberman that wants love, craves affection and eats harry potter books and shoes.  So a part of me adores him and a part of me fears he will eat my Maddens when I visit.  Last night it was okay, I went to E’s before we got our nails done and I was wearing winter boots so I didn’t care.  Cairo just wanted to be loved, hugged, and be enveloped in affection.  If only human men were like that right?  It might get annoying after a while, but it would be funny right.  So last night I spoiled a dog whom I love – and then he threw up – that’s a whole other story, one I did not partake in because vomit is gross and I don’t like it!

Me and E went and got our nails done.  I got my acrylic refilled and she got her toes done because today she left for – BAHAMAS!  She is going to the exact same resort me and N are going to but she leaves the day we arrive – weird right?  She is going for her brother-in-law C’s wedding.  This wedding I was also supposed to be attending, but I got dumped by C’s friend so I was no longer going.  I’m not bitter though – I mean a romantic 7 day trip with the man I love and my friends to a beautiful island…it’s nothing really.  Actually it isn’t because now I am going with N who I really do love and who loves me back – just in a completely hetero way.  So I still get the trip, just not the one I imagined!

It’s been a long week and I must say I am really looking forward to a weekend of nothingness.  I am going grocery shopping today so I can chill out all weekend and do whatever I want.  Hope you are all having a better week

XOXO Nikilee

8 more sleeps!

I am such a mess of emotions lately, ecstatic, sad, lonely, tired, happy, thrilled, annoyed, pissed, bitter, peaceful – it no longer surprises me when my mood switches as quick as a light switch.  Ahh the light switch – isn’t there a famous line about how men are like a light switch, one day completely in love with you then all of a sudden checking out the atomic bomb down the street??  Ya…okay maybe not a famous line, but one I have heard and lived through!

I am rambling…that’s the great thing about blogs, it’s mine, I can ramble for 20 paragraphs and it’s my choice!  LOVE IT!

But this blog today is about 8 more sleeps!  A week today I will be packing up and leaving for N’s house and we will be bouncing off walls until her dad drives us to the airport to leave for BAHAMAS WOOT WOOT!  All I want is 4 days of peace, 4 days of beach and warmth and sun and fun.  I really wish our other bff K could come, but she can’t so I will look forward to 4 more days of fun with her in September in the state that never sleeps – more on that later! 

It has been 20+ degrees C. in Bahamas and there has been no snow – which for me equals a damn good time no matter what we do – even if we spend all 4 days looking at the ocean and not doing anything!  I am excited about the food, the entertainment, spending quality time with N and NOT thinking of the ex, because really – I hate hating someone, but some people prefer not to give you a choice so I am making my own choice and skipping town (country).

After 8 sleeps I will be soaking up the vitamin D I so desperately crave, after 8 more sleeps I will smile for real and not a forced smile I feel I must wear. After 8 more sleeps I will eat for fun and not worry about every calorie I shove into my mouth and after 8 more sleeps I will just be me…a me I haven’t been in over a year!  🙂

XOXO Nikilee

Makimono I love you…really I do

So in Pickering this amazing little restaurant – all you can eat Japanese – opened up about 2-3 yrs ago and my old roommate BL took me there for the first time just after it opened.  Well since then I have introduced about 20 people to this amazing place because I want to go all the time!  Seriously I go every month and sometimes twice if I can convince people.

It is at Liverpool and 401 (the big green restaurant).  It has recently been renovated so it looks very chic inside.  The staff is friendly – although service has been a little slow lately – but it’s all you can eat, so I never mind really. 

They have a wide variety of raw fish and cooked meals as well.  Their specialty is there rolls.  They have well over 20 different kinds of maki and hand rolls.  If you don’t feel like all you can eat – you can order off the menu.  Here is the website  It’s worth a try if you live in or near the Pickering ON. area and there are some in Toronto and Hamilton as well.  Everyone I have brought there likes it so far and many go back – without me even!

I went there last night with my friend KT celebrating our January Birthdays – Happy Birthday KT love you – and it was especially good.  We ordered Green and red dragon rolls, spicy tuna and salmon rolls, yam tempura rolls, rock and roll and shrimp tempura along with salmon and crab sashimi.  I felt like I was in heaven.  Nothing has ever tasted so good as all of that!  We were both extremely happy.  While I don’t get to see KT often, seeing her at Makimono is like the cherry on top of a sundae.  I miss her always and catching up over yummy rolls and tempura is a great way to spend an evening. 

Now I am hungry, so I am going to stop writing now before I can’t stop myself from going there again… 😀

XOXO Nikilee

Damn you fat

So this weekend I did as I promised.  I went to Weight Watchers.  Now as mad as I am, I knew there would show a gain on the scale – I mean you can’t eat out every day for a week *birthday dinners* and not expect to gain a pound or two.  I gained 3.  Big breath!  Okay, so I am disappointed, I have to get back on track though if I want to be at my 10% goal for the end of March, esp. with my Bahama trip coming up (10 more sleeps!).

I also took a giant step towards becoming independent this weekend – I put the sticker on my license plate!  I also filled the windshield washer fluid and put in my winter car mats (ya a month late, I know I know).  But the fact is I did it!  All of those things I knew I could do, I mean they weren’t hard or anything, but I always let my ex do car related stuff – I mean it’s damn cold outside!  But it’s done…so N and K, thank you for pushing me to be independent…now it’s just that DVD player – but it will get done … soonish?

Yesterday was a day of a migraine that kept me in bed pretty much all day and night.  I bought the first season of The L Word.  It’s pretty good – Showcase you are naughty! – I love the characters and the storyline so far is okay.  I will continue for now…I don’t love it yet though like I did with Gossip Girl (let’s have a moment of silence for GG)…

Okay I am better now!  Anyway, this weekend had its ups and downs, I found out a friend who I care about isn’t talking to me…KS…I will find out why… I hate when people ignore me and don’t tell me why – but just in case you read my blog (which I highly doubt) please tell me…lets talk!

Thats all for now, I hope you all had an amazingly, sucessful, happy weekend!

XOXO Nikilee

I am weight watching…

Okay so honestly since the New Year has begun, I haven’t been doing great with the whole losing weight thing.  I have been eating out many nights of the week to spend time with friends and celebrate my birthday!  However as I was looking at my new bathing suits last night, I realized I have to go on another Caribbean vacation fat and that sucks! 

I don’t care how tired I am or if 100 cm of snow falls on Saturday morning…I am going to WEIGHT WATCHERS.  I will weigh in and I will hold myself accountable for the past two-three weeks of eating heavy foods. 

I have probably gained some weight since my post-Christmas weigh in – so I will have to loss my 5% first and then I am aiming for 10% by the end of March.  That doesn’t give me a long time, but really…I have got to start being serious.  I need as much support as possible. 

What do I have for lunch today?  A salad with mixed greens, celery, tomato, cucumber, avocado and feta!  YUMMM.  I had sushi last night for dinner (2 fresh Philadelphia hand-roll).  For dinner tonight…well I don’t really know yet…but I will figure it out.  So two days till weigh in, dum dum dum dum!

I was talking to an old friend over facebook yesterday and it made me think of how I was back then and how I am now.  I was really skinny and perky and happy (well granted I was 15 so of course I was all those things, my biggest issue was this same friend, also an ex, dumping me for a crazy girl)    😉  I don’t want to be skinny again, I can’t handle that pressure – and if you think there is no pressure being skinny at 15 or at 30 you are DEAD wrong – but I do want to be perky and happy again and I think with some weight loss, in a healthy Weight Watchers way, I can be.  I just need to get serious.

XOXO Nikilee