Swiss Chalet – comfort food at its finest!

Always so good for so little….

So last night N and K decided we would all go to Swiss Chalet for dinner, which I was fine with because other than an all you can eat Sushi restaurant, SC is my favourite!  However, I don’ t know if it’s because I am not used to waking up so early from my 10 day vacation or I am just really stressed out, but as soon as I came home, I napped – a good hour-long nap!  I left my phone by my ear so when N texted me it would ding!  It did and I woke up, but I must have fallen asleep immediately because I swore I texted her back saying “yes I am coming”, but when I actually got in the car she messaged me again and when I looked at the phone, I hadn’t responded at all!  Oops!

Anyway, I got to SC safe and sound (a little delirious, but I was still tired).  Having dinner with my two BFF’s is probably my ideal way to spend an evening…the three of us are all turning 30 this year (me first – boooo) and all single and all still living at home with our parents – by choice at this point!  It always amazes (and disgusts) me how much food N & K can put away and look so slim and beautiful – I want to hurt them at times, but I love them so I begrudgingly move on. 

After dinner they had to rush off to go shopping – I know what this means … my birthday is on Monday January 10th – the flirty 30’s (thx J) are just around the corner for me.  So I said goodbye hugging each of them tightly before driving my tired butt back to my home and jumping in bed!

The ex came over last night and we had a nice exchange – he took care of my wound (looooong story) and then sat down and chatted with me for a while.  It was nice, but things are still so weird now.  Is it possible to go from BFF’s to lovers and common-law to friends again?  I know if anyone can, it will be us…it’s just going to take a long time.  He is worth the work though, I mean he’s been a part of my life for 12+ years.  I feel stronger and happier then I have in almost a year. Thx to N & K and numerous other people I am moving on, discovering what I want and who I want – both in a man and more importantly – in myself!

Have a great day my blogging friends

XOXO Nikilee


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