Oh Snow…

So I totally get it, I am Canadian, I should love snow and hockey and bacon…but I don’t…it’s not my fault.  I love warmth and baseball and sushi!  LOL…

But in all seriousness, I understand that since I do live in Toronto I must accept that snow will be a major part of my life from Nov – May (preferably only Dec – March).   So yesterday after work, I cleaned off my car and started the 20 minute drive home.  Except that it took 65 minutes to get home because no body else in Toronto seems to realize that just because it is snowing (and it wasn’t even THAT bad at 4:30) that you do not have to crawl.  Get some winter tires please – can’t they make it mandatory here!  My winter tires are my favourite purchase I made in 2010 except for Minnie of course – she is my one true love! 

So after crawling home for what seemed like forever I stormed in my house and called S, the teenager down the street who I absolutely adore and love to bits!  He came right out and shovelled all of my dads snow and did it with a smile on his face.  What a teenager won’t do for $20.00!  I went to bed happy – thinking the next morning would be okay.  That it wouldn’t be so bad because the plows would have time to clean everything up.

Well, I used to work for Toronto Transportation, so that was stupid thinking on my part.  I’ll remember for next time…

I left my house with 45 minutes to spare.  I mean its MAX a 20 minute ride to work – ya, I was 10 minutes late.  For the most part the roads were clear (the main rds at least).  Ellesmere,  a long stretch that takes me all the way from my house to my work, was clear, but ppl were still driving like it had 6 ft of the white fluffy stuff and covered in ice (which it DOESN’T!). 

See, I think this is my problem, I don’t hate snow per say, I hate people driving in the snow…everyone gets so scared.  I know we have to drive more carefully and leave space in case some black ice rears its ugly head, but driving 10 km/hr on Ellesmere is not being cautious, it’s being ridiculous and makes me get serious road rage. 

Thank god for the radio and top 40 music.  If not for that, some people would have been getting some really nasty stares thrown their way (sorry red sunfire, I know I should not have been driving so closely, but seriously you were braking with NO ONE in front of you…stupid sunfire drivers!)

It’s January right…a few months to go…I am going to start dreaming of beaches and baseball and sushi.  Now I am in my happy place.

XOXO Nikilee

2 thoughts on “Oh Snow…

  1. u kno wut ur problem is? u dont like/eat bacon… and if u did the slow drivers wouldnt be a problem cuz ur life would be great cuz u had bacon for breakfast and you would be thinking of lunch… which would consist of more bacon! Your life would be merry!
    Trust me on this one MOMS KNOW BEST!!!! (never said that before) lol

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