30 is the new 20 – I agree

After having turned 30 yesterday I have come to the conclusion that it is not as bad as I dreamed it would be – that I was dreading it for no reason at all.  Because of this, I have decided that a list of things that make me happy, great reasons for being 30, is in order!

1. I have some of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.  You are the reason I survived the ugly 2010 that was.

2. I have a great dysfunctional family.  Each and every one of them is unique and makes me smile in numerous ways!

3. I have a job I love and supervisors who believe in me!

4. I have two degrees which means I accomplished something no one else in my family has done.

5. I have a roof over my head that is fully paid for and a father who is kind enough to let me live under it for as long as I see fit.

6. I love food, most food I will happily chow down.  I never have to worry about going out and not being able to find something to eat.

7. I have a car (Minnie the Mazda 3) that is beautiful!

8. I do not look or act my age.  I still get carded at restaurants when I want a drink.

9. I have been to the Caribbean twice, once with my ex and once with my sister in law.

10. I have a bucket list.  I have lots of time to write things off said list.

11. I have my health.  Despite some setbacks, I am generally healthy.

12. I have a family doctor that cares about my health and does not just see me as another patient.

13. I have lots of shoes!

14. My dad is the greatest.

15. I was fortunate enough to know all of my grandparents except my maternal grandfather. 

16. I have had many boyfriends and two amazing loves!

17. Baseball in the summer and Basketball in the winter are two sports I love to watch live.

18. I was the Maid of Honour at my brothers wedding as he married my best friend! 

Okay so I can come up with 18 things so far that make me happy and that make me being 30 years old a great thing.  A lot of the things on this list I would not have been able to say when I turned 20.  I will finish this list as I remember things and new things come to flourish in my life.

Have a great week

Xoxo Nikilee


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