Oh Snow “part 2”

Don’t you love when you have a million plans on the weekend and you wake up under 10 cm of snow?  I know I do, it’s great, my favourite way to spend a Saturday…I am oozing sarcasm! 

I was supposed to weigh in on Saturday at Weight Watchers, get my routine back with them, but noooooo, mother nature dumped on Toronto and I was not taking the risk of driving all the way to Ajax – especially since I know the scales were not going to be friendly after a week of celebrating my birthday at every restaurant in town! 

I was also supposed to run around and do grocery shopping, but nope – that didn’t happen either – which trust me my father is very annoyed with.

So what did I do – I lied in bed watching the rest of Gossip Girls.  3 seasons complete!  What a great show.  After the snow FINALLY stopped falling, I called neighbour boy to shovel it all out and clean off my car – hey he likes money, I hate snow…it works out great!

I spent the rest of the day and night with my two BFF’s at N’s house relaxing and just being grateful to have two of the greatest ladies in my life. 

Sunday I had C’s baby shower.  As much as I love C and am so excited for her and her hunney to have a baby of their own, I was also worried I would have a panic attack while there.  C has a beautiful house, a beautiful man and a beautiful baby on the way – you can say my jealousy quotient is VERY high.  But, I was okay.  I was happy for her. She is just glowing.  I saw some faces I haven’t seen in years and was just glad to be in her home celebrating her!

With all the trouble I am going through with my ex and struggling with my weight, my one bright spot is all my friends (and of course my upcoming trip to Bahama’s with N!).  I need to make some changes, I just don’t know what changes to make or if I am really ready to make them.  Maybe my vacation will give me some perspective?!

Until tomorrow friends

XOXO Nikilee


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