I don’t need a man – or do I?

So we all know that I am sadly single – okay maybe not sadly, but I have realized in the last couple of weeks I depended on my man for a lot, other than just the never-ending love, comfort and date nights. 

The flourescent lights in my dads house burnt out after 35 years (great life span) and I had no idea how to change them, what I had to change them to or how much they would cost to do so.  I had asked the ex to change them and he readily agreed, however we are no longer seeing each other so I had to come up with a plan B.  What was that plan – bitch to my older brother and beg him to come over to change them!  Ya I know I may seem pathetic – who can’t figure out how to change lights?!  I probably could/should have done it on my own, but it’s nice to know that I can leave some things to a man to do.  I will go now and hang my head in shame.

My car window washing fluid was empty – when I mean empty, I don’t mean the light came on, I mean the light came on before Christmas and it is now EMPTY!  I know how to change the fluid, don’t think me to useless because I do know how to change it, it’s just been cold outside and I am broke thx to the budget I am struggling to follow so it hasn’t been changed.  Well, my dear brother came over to fix the lights and while he was there I asked him to grab the fluid from my dads car and fill up my car!  SCORE!  He did so, maybe not gladly, but he still did it!  Sometimes I love my brother…okay I always love my brother, but last night I was grateful for him!  He even bought more fluid when he was out buying new lights!  What a keeper!  LOL

Okay so this is my first car I have ever owned and been responsible for.  I had to get my plate sticker renewed this month because of my birthday.  I got the sticker, I was very responsible.  I bought it in November!  YAY ME!  However, said sticker is still on my dresser…oops, you mean it actually has to go ON my car…ugh okay fine.  “P can you put the sticker on my car”?  He didn’t actually say words, but since he had changed the lights and put winshield washer fluid in my car the look he gave me definitely meant there was not a chance in hell of him putting my sticker on – I guess I will have to do that myself…preferably BEFORE I get pulled over by the police and ticketed.  I’ll do it tonight!  I can’t let my insurance get any higher or I will be messing up the budget!

So while I don’t need a man in my life, it certainly is nice to have one, to do all the little things in my life that I can do, but just don’t want to do.

Any man out there want to hook up my new DVD player? I am pretty sure if you don’t do it, it will sit on my floor until I convince my brother to or I get a new boyfriend to do so…


XOXO Nikilee


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