All about me!


Name: Nicole (Niki) Lee Milway
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2 and 3/4 (I need that three-quarters!)
Eye Colour: Brown                                                                                                      Hair Colour: Brownish, reddish, blondish
Age: 30
Lefty/Righty: Lefty                                                                                        Piercings: Two piercings in each ear.
Tattoos:  One                                                                                                               Single or Taken:  Single

Do You?:
Smoke? sometimes.
Do drugs? No.
Drink? Yes, love wine!
Go to church? No
Talk to people even if you hate them? I do every single day.
Drive? Yes
Believe in premarital sex? Yes, but safe sex with someone you love
Want to have children? Yes, badly.
Get along with you parents? Yes, my dad is my BFF most days
Get along with your sibling/s? My brother and I have a very interesting relationship.  We get along, but I want to punch him often.
Color/highlight your hair? Yep.
Like coffee? No, I don’t even like the smell of it really.
Wear makeup every time you go out? Usually
Love roller coasters? I don’t mind them, but at this weight they are uncomfortable
Like to cook? I don’t mind cooking.

Have You Ever?:

Been out of the country? Yes and I am leaving again soon!!!
Been in love? Yes, and I am still in love, though I wish I wasn’t sometimes.
Had surgery? Same surgery twice and will possibly have to have it a third time! FML!!!
Pulled an all nighter? Yes, when I went to Montreal with friends…those after hour clubs are crazy.
Gone one day without food? I went many days without food – it’s called anorexia and it is painful and I could never do it again!
Slept all day? Lied in bed all day yes, but I was awake off and on.
Had a dream that came true? Yes , but unfortunately it turned into a bad dream 😦
Broken the law? Who me??  LOL…pass!
Stolen anything? We all remember my rebellious stage at 13 when me and A.O got caught shoplifting…I never stole again!
Been on radio/tv? Radio no, but I was an extra in Detroit Rock City!
Bungee jumped? Nope.
Had a dream that kept coming back? This is currently happening to me and I might punch someone if it doesn’t stop!
Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Nope, but that sounds so good right now
Spun until you were immensely dizzy? Definitely.
Been on a plane? Yep.
Ran into a wall? Not that I can remember…but I did drunk stumble into a bathroom door as my University friends will gladly tell you about!
Pranked called someone? Yep, not recently though lol
Gotten a cavity? Yep.
Broken a bone? No broken bones to date.
Fallen from a tree? Nope.
Been to a theme park? Yep!
Eaten sushi? Every chance I get!

This or That:
Pepsi or Coke: Coke if I have the choice
McDonald’s or Burger King: I don’t like either, but an occastional Big Mac makes me happy
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Black or White: Black
Burgers or Hot dogs: Hot Dogs
Book or magazine: Both?
TV or radio: TV
Is the glass half empty or half full: Depends on the day – today half full
Sun or moon: SUN ALWAYS
Hot or Cold: HOT ALWAYS
Romantic comedy or thriller: This really depends on my mood but honestly, romantic comedy never gets old.
Waffles or pancakes: Pancakes, not a waffle fan
Florida or California: I would love to go to both and get back to you on that one…
Black and white or color photos: I love Black & White photos
The city, the beach, OR the country: I will prioritize: beach, city then country
Tennis shoes or sandals: Sandals
Sweet or sour: sweet
Cappuccino or coffee: Neither. Tea for me
English or history: English
Science or math: Science I guess, but I’m not really into either

Do you believe?
In miracles? Absolutely
In magic? I dated a guy who did magic tricks so no…
In God? Yes
In ghosts? not sure
In luck? yes
In Santa? Will I get more presents if I say yes?
In witches? no, but Vampires yes…LOL 
That it’s possible to remain faithful forever? I do…
That cussing is a necessity in life? Absolutely! I cuss like a trucker and gladly pay my niece for her swear jar!
Yourself? I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to if I really want to.

Your favorite:
Type of gum: Hubba Bubba
Restaurant: Makimono
Season: Summer
Type of weather: Sunny and warm
Emotion: joy
Color: Pink or Purple
Perfume: Jessica Simpson Fancy
Candy: these red cherry things
Pizza topping: pineapple and Chicken and red pepper
Fruit: Mango’s when fresh or raspberries
Veggie: avocado and carrots
Type of cake: Rich chocolate with thick chocolate icing
Magazine: Cosmopolitan. Weight Watchers. Shape. Self. Glamour
TV Show: Jersey Shore, Biggest Loser, Glee, Survivor, Big Brother, Gossip Girl, Criminal Minds
Day of the week: Saturday
Month: Probably July
Holiday: I love them all!
Number: 6
Sport to watch: Baseball
Flower: Roses of all colours

So there you have it, a little bit about me :).

XOXO Nikilee


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