I am weight watching…

Okay so honestly since the New Year has begun, I haven’t been doing great with the whole losing weight thing.  I have been eating out many nights of the week to spend time with friends and celebrate my birthday!  However as I was looking at my new bathing suits last night, I realized I have to go on another Caribbean vacation fat and that sucks! 

I don’t care how tired I am or if 100 cm of snow falls on Saturday morning…I am going to WEIGHT WATCHERS.  I will weigh in and I will hold myself accountable for the past two-three weeks of eating heavy foods. 

I have probably gained some weight since my post-Christmas weigh in – so I will have to loss my 5% first and then I am aiming for 10% by the end of March.  That doesn’t give me a long time, but really…I have got to start being serious.  I need as much support as possible. 

What do I have for lunch today?  A salad with mixed greens, celery, tomato, cucumber, avocado and feta!  YUMMM.  I had sushi last night for dinner (2 fresh Philadelphia hand-roll).  For dinner tonight…well I don’t really know yet…but I will figure it out.  So two days till weigh in, dum dum dum dum!

I was talking to an old friend over facebook yesterday and it made me think of how I was back then and how I am now.  I was really skinny and perky and happy (well granted I was 15 so of course I was all those things, my biggest issue was this same friend, also an ex, dumping me for a crazy girl)    😉  I don’t want to be skinny again, I can’t handle that pressure – and if you think there is no pressure being skinny at 15 or at 30 you are DEAD wrong – but I do want to be perky and happy again and I think with some weight loss, in a healthy Weight Watchers way, I can be.  I just need to get serious.

XOXO Nikilee


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