Damn you fat

So this weekend I did as I promised.  I went to Weight Watchers.  Now as mad as I am, I knew there would show a gain on the scale – I mean you can’t eat out every day for a week *birthday dinners* and not expect to gain a pound or two.  I gained 3.  Big breath!  Okay, so I am disappointed, I have to get back on track though if I want to be at my 10% goal for the end of March, esp. with my Bahama trip coming up (10 more sleeps!).

I also took a giant step towards becoming independent this weekend – I put the sticker on my license plate!  I also filled the windshield washer fluid and put in my winter car mats (ya a month late, I know I know).  But the fact is I did it!  All of those things I knew I could do, I mean they weren’t hard or anything, but I always let my ex do car related stuff – I mean it’s damn cold outside!  But it’s done…so N and K, thank you for pushing me to be independent…now it’s just that DVD player – but it will get done … soonish?

Yesterday was a day of a migraine that kept me in bed pretty much all day and night.  I bought the first season of The L Word.  It’s pretty good – Showcase you are naughty! – I love the characters and the storyline so far is okay.  I will continue for now…I don’t love it yet though like I did with Gossip Girl (let’s have a moment of silence for GG)…

Okay I am better now!  Anyway, this weekend had its ups and downs, I found out a friend who I care about isn’t talking to me…KS…I will find out why… I hate when people ignore me and don’t tell me why – but just in case you read my blog (which I highly doubt) please tell me…lets talk!

Thats all for now, I hope you all had an amazingly, sucessful, happy weekend!

XOXO Nikilee


2 thoughts on “Damn you fat

  1. Three cheers for doing car stuff on your own!

    I always think of all the stuff I’d have to do, or learn how to do, if DH wasn’t around anymore. I know I could do it, I just like that there are some things that he’s in charge of 🙂

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