8 more sleeps!

I am such a mess of emotions lately, ecstatic, sad, lonely, tired, happy, thrilled, annoyed, pissed, bitter, peaceful – it no longer surprises me when my mood switches as quick as a light switch.  Ahh the light switch – isn’t there a famous line about how men are like a light switch, one day completely in love with you then all of a sudden checking out the atomic bomb down the street??  Ya…okay maybe not a famous line, but one I have heard and lived through!

I am rambling…that’s the great thing about blogs, it’s mine, I can ramble for 20 paragraphs and it’s my choice!  LOVE IT!

But this blog today is about 8 more sleeps!  A week today I will be packing up and leaving for N’s house and we will be bouncing off walls until her dad drives us to the airport to leave for BAHAMAS WOOT WOOT!  All I want is 4 days of peace, 4 days of beach and warmth and sun and fun.  I really wish our other bff K could come, but she can’t so I will look forward to 4 more days of fun with her in September in the state that never sleeps – more on that later! 

It has been 20+ degrees C. in Bahamas and there has been no snow – which for me equals a damn good time no matter what we do – even if we spend all 4 days looking at the ocean and not doing anything!  I am excited about the food, the entertainment, spending quality time with N and NOT thinking of the ex, because really – I hate hating someone, but some people prefer not to give you a choice so I am making my own choice and skipping town (country).

After 8 sleeps I will be soaking up the vitamin D I so desperately crave, after 8 more sleeps I will smile for real and not a forced smile I feel I must wear. After 8 more sleeps I will eat for fun and not worry about every calorie I shove into my mouth and after 8 more sleeps I will just be me…a me I haven’t been in over a year!  🙂

XOXO Nikilee


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