The world is trying to convince me to slow down

Okay so I do my grocery shopping every week for me and daddy.  I have been a little lazy about it the past week or so because I feel like crap – emotionally and physically.  Last night I figured, why  not, get it done then the weekend is mine!  I went to a new Metro (well new to me) and they had everything I wanted – lots of fresh veggies, fruits and great picks of meat.  I got EVERYTHING on the list!  YAY ME right?  Well I put all my food items on the belt for the cashier to ring in and I put it in such a way that she could easily bag certain items together.  What does she do – she scans everything  and THEN bags it!  It takes so much longer then actually necessary and now everything is jumbled up and she has to give me 7 bags instead of the 5 I had planned for – hey that’s an extra 10 cents!  I was foot tapping I was going crazy watching her try to bag things and talk to another girls at the same time.  Thank you Metro girl for making me realize that time really is money – 10 cents in fact!

This morning I had to go to the hospital to see my specialist – nope not healed yet, but I can swim in the ocean and the salt MIGHT help heal my wound – which I thought hilarious because that would be a great excuse to go other places as well – “dad, I need to go to DR with E, J and H because the salt water from the ocean heals my wound…don’t you want me healed??”  YA RIGHT! So I am driving down the driveway beside the hospital in the left lane so I can go straight and then turn left into the area to get  a ticket for the parking garage.  The car next to me, which is in a right hand turn lane for the emergency doors, decides to go straight over the bump and into my lane!  Nice right!  So I slow down and let her in front of me.  She then goes back into the right lane and turns left into the area for the parking lot ticket, almost slamming into my car!  But no, I slow down again so she has some room – at this point I want to flip her and her car, but I think maybe she is here visiting a sick relative and is in distress with worry?!  Aren’t I nice, I left her and her car in tact.  I also sped up and passed her in the parking lot and took the first spot available – HAHAHAHA!  I am a genius…but hey – when I paid my ticket after I left the guy said I was two minutes under paying for the next time slot – so really – time was money, but this time I saved!!  WOOT WOOT! 

A week today I will be on a beach, but I will also be half done my vacation so while I really want the next few days to pass quickly, I also want my four-day vacation to be the longest four days of my life!  So speed up, slow down…time is very important to me!

XOXO Nikilee

One thought on “The world is trying to convince me to slow down

  1. Slow down and don’t stress out. Enjoy your holiday. When you are on that beach, if you see a Holland America cruise ship on Feb. 5, raise your glass. We will be on it, toasting you, during our stop in the Bahamas.LOL Aunt S and Uncle E

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