brrrr cold

So I begged for no snow and it looks like someone was looking out for me!  There was no snow storm, my car was clear and I went to Weight Watchers as planned.  Now I have not been really tracking, but I have been eating as healthy as possible – salads even!  I was rewarded!  The 3.2 pds I gained last week I lost this week!  WOOT WOOT!  I am so happy!  Any loss is a good loss in my books!

I spent the evening with N and K, so happy to be with two such amazing people!  I never thought it was possible to do nothing and be so content.  What a great evening.  It is damn cold though.  Even as I type this my fingers are frozen!  We didn’t go out much…

We packed N’s bag for Bahama’s!  YAY BAHAMAS!  I just have to finish my laundry and then I will be packed and we will be ready to go – we leave so soon!  Tomorrow is pedicures and laundry and rest – yes rest…strange thought right!?

Good night

XOXO Nikilee


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