I’m leaving on a jet plane

at least I hope I am.  There has been a lot of snow and a lot of plane cancellations so my fingers are crossed.  So far we are leaving as planned!  WOOHOO

N and I leave tomorrow morning and I must say I am excited – excited for warmth, excited for time away with my friend, and relieved to have a few days away so I can straighten my thoughts out about A.  It’s time.  Being separated almost a year now and I am no further moved on then I was then.  I have to decide what I want and how I want it as does he.  It’s going to be interesting coming home.

I wish I had gotten to spend time in Bahama’s with E and J, but maybe we can go away soon with H and take a vacation together in the spring!  We’ll see!

Have a great weekend bloggers!

XOXO Nikilee


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