My cell phone will be the death of me

So like most living and breathing humans now, I have upgraded my regular cell phone to a black berry – love the bbm!!!  However, my phone likes to call/text people randomly because I forget to lock it.  I never had to lock my old phone and I sometimes on occasion forget to.  I had texted my friend H last night and then pretty much went to bed – well this morning after checking facebook – I put my phone in my purse – get who got an early morning text of “Pp”!!!  The poor guy, he is going to think I am stalking him.  LOL…

So needless to say, I love my blackberry the way most people do, we can’t live without them, but really – if it starts to affect my social life, I will have no choice but to downgrade and save myself from further bothering my random friends.

Why don’t I just lock my bloody phone you ask?  If only my brain thought of things that way – I just forget…ah well…

XOXO Nikilee


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