Candy, chicken and flowers

So of course yesterday was Valentines Day…and don’t we all love to be loved and spoiled – of course…I don’t know one girl who does not adore spoiling!  Well at work yesterday I brought yummy cookies, and a lot of other people brought chocolate so needless to say my diet went flying out the nearest window!  No, I was pretty good.  I had three cookies and three little kisses chocolates, but I ate a large salad at lunch so it was all off setting right!?

Then I went with N and K and N’s baby and mom to Swiss Chalet for our V-Day dinner.  It was super yummy and even though I was made fun of quite a bit, I barely touched my fries, focusing on my salad and chicken!  YUMM.

I went to K’s after dinner for some much-needed girl chat and got home around 7:20ish.  Well as soon as I walked in there was a huge wrapped bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table.  I unwrapped it not knowing who it was from. My dad was sure my ex had sent it because that’s what he does – grand gestures, but I figured since he skipped town (did I tell you he skipped town? well he has and I have no idea where he is) that there was no way he would have flowers delivered to my house!!!???  My friend M might have because he ditched me for dinner Sunday, but since he has his own relationship woes to deal with I doubted it. 

So I opened the flowers – beautiful – and the card, and yep, it was from the ex.  Now this bouquet is stunning.  I wish I could add a pic, but I am at work, not home – maybe later…and the card had a hand written note which was lovely.  But I am not sure what I am supposed to do with this.  It doesn’t say “hey I have been an ass, let’s make things right!”  So I am not going to do anything.  I am going to enjoy my beautiful flowers and my nice card and keep moving forward.  I have come so far and I am not going to go back to “limbo”.  The gesture was great, and I appreciate it because though I know a lot of people who don’t – I LOVE Valentines Day and I like getting flowers any day of the year, so yay for me! 

I hope everyone else had  a great day yesterday…care to share – comment please, I love hearing what everyone else did!!!

XOXO Nikilee


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