Wel THAT was hard…

So I had to do my grocery shopping yesterday.  I was exhausted,and  had a not so great day at work and all I wanted was to go home, through my feet up and lie on my couch.  But, I went, knowing I needed lunch stuff and my father would probably throw me against a wall if I didn’t do it (okay so he would never/could never throw me against a wall – but you get my picture). 

So I drag myself to Metro yesterday around 5:00 and everything is going well, I get everything I want and need in the veggies/fruit aisle and it’s all fresh and yummy looking *love my salad for today*!  Then I see her.  An adorable little girl (probably around 4 yrs old) crying with tears and mucus running down her pretty little face.  Her mother, who looks like a cracked out street-walker, is yelling “come on, my god”.  First off honey, if you believed in God, any God, you would not have your baby girl walking through a grocery store crying, second, she clearly is upset about something, and even if it’s just because you won’t buy her a candy bar, TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD!!!!  ‘

I am sorry.  Nothing infuriates me more than when I see children crying their eyes out and the mothers or fathers are ignoring them completely.  I understand that kids like to cause scenes – I was queen of the scene makers – but seriously, even MY mother would not leave me bawling in a grocery store, walking away from me.  I wanted so badly to give the little girl a hug and clean her face, but I had no tissues and the mother was a big woman – not fat – just like a big person, so she probably would have killed me right then and there.  That poor little girl, I hope she grows up knowing she is loved by someone and not ignored by everyone like the ignorant mother she has.

Sigh…rant over.

Meanwhile, my salad today for lunch is baby romaine, avocado, strawberries, cucumber, goat cheese and prosciutto with a ranch dressing (fat-free).  YUMM I cannot wait till 12:00!!!

Have a good day bloggers! 

XOXO Nikilee


3 thoughts on “Wel THAT was hard…

  1. Hmmmm….don’t know how I feel about this one. I know my son had a few strong breakdowns –beyond tantrums in a few public places. I couldn’t lift him to take him out of there (although anybody who LOOKED at me would think I could). And I refuse to give him attention for the negative behaviour…..so I don’t know (okay I do)…my ass would be walking away from his tantrum little freakout too! Basically with the belief (and most often he did) that he would follow.

    Hmmmm ….interesting topic though.

    ❤ ❤

  2. First of all spell check! I must say I enjoy your blog very much but find you go to the grocery store a lot. May I ask if you have a kid or kids? Well to tell you the truth it sounds like you don’t. Keep up the good work in salad making.

    • Hey Diamond! I know I normally do spell check…I was in a rush – no excuse! I also do grocery shop a lot – at least once a week, but lately because I have been trying to eat healthier I have gone to get more fresh fruits and veggies mid-week. I don’t have kids, I have two nieces and a nephew who while they whine and scream at home, they don’t (at least never with me thank God) make scenes in public places. I think the thing that bothered me the most was that this mother in particular was at least one – two aisles away from her little girl. She wasn’t looking at her or anything. I just found it heartbreaking *(maybe because I do want children of my own)

      Thanks for reading and I do hope you continue to do so!

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