And the Oscar goes to…


Okay so this was my dream a looooong time ago.  I used to dream of being all dressed up wearing nice jewels and having on way to much make-up making my acceptance speech.  I wanted (like many little girls do) to be an actress.  I wanted to be rich and famous and fall in love with a handsome actor and have lots of famous little babies. 

Now, at age 30, I am a little more realistic (plus my acting abilities suck and I am way to shy).  Now I watch the Oscars and look at all the pretty people wearing the jewels and the makeup and hoping selfishly that someone will trip or fall flat on their face – I know that is SO mean right! I can’t help it. 

Last nights Oscar Red Carpet show was great, I loved lots of the dresses and I saw many of the stars I was hoping to (Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Portman etc), but the Oscars themselves – I would have turned them off had I been home.  But I was at E’s house with J, H and J.  The night itself was great, I love all those people so I had fun, but Anne Hathaway and James Franco as Oscar hosts?  NO THANK YOU.  I like funny Oscar hosts – Ellen Degeneras and Chris Rock, heck even Billy Crystal were all MUCH better choices than the two youngens they had on last night.  Anne Hathaway did look stunning though in every dress she wore and James Franco – while cute – also looked stoned the whole night.  I wasn’t surprised at anything, nothing caught my attention, nothing was funny and by 11:00 I realised I would be better off in bed sleeping then watching any more. 

Here is the lovely pic of J-Hud looking stunning (all thanks to hard work and Weight Watchers)

So after saying my good byes,  I went home and crawled into bed hoping for a good week!

How was everyone’s weekend?  Did you watch the Oscars?  What did you think – remember, the above comments are MY OPINION only and I am by no means a professional critique.

XOXO Nikilee


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