Another day another dollar

Wednesday – my favourite work day of the week!  Why might you ask??  Well because I am close enough to the weekend to be making plans, but I am also far enough into the work week that I am feeling productive, I am feeling like what I am doing is good work, work that benefits my clients, my co-workers and me.

Today I am backing up a SCORE presentation with my co-worker P.  She will be leading the workshop and I cannot wait to see it come to life.  P is a great presenter with a great aura around her that makes people comfortable and feel cared for.  I will learn everything I can today and tomorrow from her.

Now I also have a coffee date/meet and greet!  It’s with this guy C who is really cute and very into his family from what I know about him so far.  Two things that are a big plus for me!  This is a blind date as I have never met him before, but I have my eyes wide open and am super excited for the possibility of just meeting someone new.  One foot in front of the other right!  I have been feeling really good lately and I think it’s because I am focusing on moving onward and upward.  “Friends” who have hurt me or betrayed me are a thing of the past and while I have no idea what will happen in the next week, month or year…the possibilities are great and endless! 

Oh by the way!! Tomorrow I am seeing LADY GAGA with N, K and B!  My little 4 musketeers group!  I love each of these ladies and because of them I am a much stronger person then I was even a few months ago.  I cannot wait to go dance, sing and be silly with my lovely ladies!

But I need to get through today’s presentation…SCORE here I come!

XOXO Nikilee


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