Oh cramp…

So all day yesterday I had this stitch in my side, not like a “I’m getting my period” stitch, but more of a “I just ran 5 miles” stitch.  Now those of you who know me (and if you have been reading my blog, well you do) know that I have never ran 1 mile, let alone 5 so I have been wondering what it could be for the past 24 hours.

Oh ya, I still have said stitch.  It is uncomfortable to breath and sit and stand and laugh and move in any kind of way.  BUT, it’s just uncomfortable, not tonnes of pain, so I am at work waiting to see if it will go away today. 

Today I have mentoring which I am über excited about.  I went to the Dollar Store and picked up a few new things for us to do.  My mentee is adorable and I really hope one day I can convince her to come out of her shell!  She is such a cutie, it’s not fair only I get to see it! 

Last night I bought my dad dinner – Swiss Chalet.  It was the only thing I could stand to eat with this pain in my side.  I don’t buy him dinner often, but I was in a giving mood.  I mean I am also taking my oldest niece R out on Sunday and I will spending a fortune, but she has been so awesome to my dad that she really deserves it!  My dad gives R lunch every day and he really looks forward to their time together.  They have grown close and it’s nice to see since her brother and sister are closer to their maternal grandparents.  So R gets a special day out with Auntie Niki.  I will tell you all about it on Monday because R has access to this blog and I want where we are going to be kept a surprise till the last-minute!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

XOXO Nikilee

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