Happy St Patrick’s Day

Hello everyone!

So today is the day the Irish get to celebrate!  Wear your green and wear it proud!

Now while I am not Irish I am still wearing my green in support of St Patrick’s  Day and I know that if I liked beer I would go and drink a pint of  green beer along with everyone else this evening, but I don’t so I am not going to.  But at work today we are having a potato lunch with all the trimmings!  YUMM

On another note, I signed into E Harmony the other day, just to see what could happen.  I mean you never know right…I could meet my actual Prince Charming and if not, well at least I will meet some new people and maybe even go on a date or two.  It could happen (couldn’t it?).  I will update you all with my dating adventures if it does.  So far I have made contact with 4 guys and one guy A has sent me a couple of messages now so we will see!!!  Wish me luck (or if you know a guy between 30-38 who lives in or near Toronto who is gainfully employed, single and an actual “nice guy” you can send him my way!  LOL…

Have a great GREEN day everyone!

XOXO Nikilee

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