I am not talking about dreams as in your hopes and dreams…I mean the pain in the ass things your brain conjures up when you are sleeping.

So for 7 (SEVEN) nights straight I had a dream with a recurring theme – the ex, being his now usual jack ass self with A.  BUT last night…I had a fantastic dream, if not a little creepy.  Because I love to share – here I go.

I was at this place where I was handing out books.  I saw Damon (from Vampire Diaries) and he was about to kill someone (aka bite them).  I screamed so instead he grabbed me and ran (Twilight style) to a house he shared with his brother (Stefan).  Now I know this seems insane so far…but I love these two men and I was so happy it kept going…

Stefan fell in love with me – of course – but Damon also had feelings for me, but he wouldn’t admit them, he just sulked and acted annoyed whenever I was near Stefan.  Now the only thing that sucked at this point in the dream was that Stefan was feeding off my blood and it hurt whenever he would cut me to get some blood.  I saw a lot of crazy stuff/stuff that should have terrified me, but again, I was never scared.

Now I knew these people in my dream who hated Vampires so as me and the boys were walking along the Skywalk in Toronto, one of the people grabs me and tells me to close my eyes, being startled, I do.  Then the next thing I know Stefan is staked and dies and something happened to Damon as well.  I was left crying on the floor for both men.  Intense right – okay maybe not, but I loved it (not the death part).

Okay so yes I watch too much TV we already came to this conclusion…BUT I have not watched Vampire Diaries or Twilight in weeks!  In fact there has been no Vampire tv shows or movies or books on my rader.  I don’t know why I dreamed this…could Stefan and Damon really be A and K…HAHAHA  wouldn’t that be just like my brain to play tricks on me. 

Ya these are the guys I loved and who loved me back – what a great dream!  I love my dreams sometimes…

On to more interesting things…E-harmony is going okay.  I am still talking to that same guy I told you about last week.  Another guy messaged me so we will see what happens there.  I don’t understand most men, clearly, but one guy R sent me an icebreaker  “seeing your face made me smile”.  I thought that was sweet, so even though I wasn’t that impressed by his profile, I sent him some questions and he what did he do – he closed contact with me!!??  WTF!  Why send an icebreaker if you are not interested??  Dumb men.  It’s fun though to talk to new people…I am just glad I haven’t been matched with anyone I know yet – that would suck!

Have a great hump day everyone!

XOXO Nikilee

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