A weekend of good news and peace!

So Friday when I went to my specialist office she gave me great news!  My wound, after two freaking years has finally closed!  WOOT WOOT!  I joked about how my ex was sabotaging my healing efforts so he could spend more time with me – but really my body just likes to take its own sweet time with healing.  BUT IT’S OVER! 

Friday night R and K, my nieces, slept over and we watched Megamind.  What a horrible movie – Will Farrell, Brad Pitt – you should be ashamed for making such a lame child’s movie.  But the girls had fun and they loved it. 

Saturday, after dropping the girl’s home and picking up their mother, I went to my weekly weight watchers meeting – I was down another 1.8.  Could this weekend get any better???  YES!  Cause my sister lost 3.2 and my two friends A and C I go with also lost weight!  We are all losers baby! 

Saturday afternoon was N’s sons 2nd birthday so there was a tonne of kids (littles and biggies) and I was fairly well-behaved.  I had one cupcake, no hot dogs and no pop!  Go me!  J was adorable and everyone seemed to be having a great time!  After everyone left me, K and N and her family all went to Jack Astors for dinner.  I had a steak, veggies and mashed potatoes – overall it was a high point dinner, but that’s what weekly points are for right!  At Jack’s I saw this girl who is a good friend of the above mentioned ex.  She didn’t mention him, but just politely said hi.  More than I could have expected from her so that was good – the last thing I want to do is re-hash my ex files to his friends and in front of MY friends!  Ick.

Sunday was church (Global Kingdom Ministries in Scarborough) and grocery shopping.  This seems to be my new Sunday ritual.  Church was great as always, my sister is coming with me next week and it was nice to come home and relax, watch movies (Confessions of a shopaholic and Love and Other Drugs).

I talked to Eharm guy quite a bit this weekend and we are supposed to meet today for coffee after work.  Wish me luck!!!

The only crappy thing this weekend was me falling down my front steps in front of the house and landing on my side.  All my muscles hurt – they have hurt since yesterday now.  It’s my own fault.  I didn’t shovel the stairs after the big snow last week and the porch doesn’t get enough sun long enough to melt.  Needless to say I have thrown a tonne of salt down so that won’t happen again!

Have a great week bloggers! 

XOXO Nikilee

2 thoughts on “A weekend of good news and peace!

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks!
      I really liked the movie. I hadn’t heard anything about it so I went in pretty open minded. Jake and Anne played well off each other and the story line – while having been done before – was well done.

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