Everybody dies, but not everybody lives!


After months of feeling stagnant and unsure of myself or my future, I finally feel like I am living again, or at least able to see myself living!  I Nikilee30 was FLIRTING again.  I mean I haven’t flirted with someone in months!  I am the queen of flirting, I always get in trouble for my flirtatious manner.  I mean my ex would always tease me about my flirting, but since last year, other than with K, I haven’t flirted at all, at least not successfully.  But last night talking to N (Eharm guy) I actually had a fun time, joking around and flirting!  TA-DA!  Ya me! 

Last night I made these yummy Filet Mignon’s from m&m’s.  All I did was broil them for 30 minutes (15 min each side) and seasoned them with Mrs Dash and they were absolutely heaven!  I am not even a good cook (at all – seriously), but I ate it up with numerous points to spare!  I have the other one for lunch today and while I know it won’t be as good re-heated, I am looking forward to it! 

Tonight I will be going by the Scarborough Town Centre – I need to pick up furnishings (a.k.a bra’s and underwear).  I can’t wait till I can go shopping at Ricki’s and maybe be a size smaller – 16 pds down – a whole lot still to go, but I am determined now more than ever and I will succeed on my own – by living my life to the fullest!

XOXO Nikilee


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