Am I going to start a riot?

So last night I decided to get to my PVR list.  On it was the Season 2 premier of “Sister Wives”.  Now let me start off by saying I do not agree with this lifestyle, it is NOT how I would ever choose to live my life. 

HOWEVER I do believe that everyone has a right to live their life anyway they choose to as long as it is mutually agreeable to everyone involved and no one gets hurt.  All of the wives on “Sister Wives” have chosen this lifestyle and for most of them it is the life they knew they wanted from a very young age.  This poor family is being taunted by the police and the paparazzi.  I don’t know the current situation as this was taped back in the fall, but I pray to GOD that this family is being left alone to love each other and raise their children!  There are so many single families, abusive families, unhappy families and tormented families that really this family seems pretty great!  They are happy.  They have chosen their life and no one is getting hurt – leave them alone people. 

Okay that is my gripe for the day.  I saw all the harassing that this family was getting and it made me angry that a family who loves each other, who work together for the good of all its members is being made out to seem evil just because they are different. 

Have a great Tuesday my friends

XOXO Nikilee

Hair today gone tomorrow

Yep so I cut my hair!  I know I always say I am going to cut my hair and it ends up trimmed, but Saturday I went in and Susan cut it off – all off – I had at least 6-7 inches cut away and I can no longer throw my rat’s nest is a pony tail. 

So do you love it?  I do!  It’s also been coloured a lot darker.  I was trying to go blond again, but the process was to long and the upkeep to expensive.  So I am now a brunette with short hair!  I must say I am happy!  A new look a new me!  WOOT WOOT

On Sunday I took my niece R out to a Raptors game!  She loved it.  I also bought her a jersey with her name on it.  She was super happy!  The Raps lost but it was still a great day out with my baby girl. 

The only downfall yesterday was really when we got to our seats and R screamed “HEY THERE’S A”  Yep, my ex was working the game and while he couldn’t see us from where we were sitting, I saw him and the tears came and my breathing quickened, but then I remembered the past year and the agony I have already suffered because of him.  After texting my friend K, I realised that he could no longer make me feel anyway I didn’t choose to feel!  I was at a game with my niece, why should someone have the power to ruin such a special day.  So I didn’t.  I swallowed my tears, closed my eyes and took a deep breath and let it go.  I enjoyed the game and every time I saw A on the floor my heart skipped a beat, but I turned away and kept on trucking…

Today I am going to Makimono with my younger niece K and my sister-in-law.  I must say that life is looking up.  Great friends and great family time make Nikilee a very happy lady!        

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I would love to hear any stories you may have!  Enjoy your day and I will talk to you soon!

XOXO Nikilee

It’s Friday already

So I know you are not supposed to complain when Friday comes about, and I am not really…it’s just been a crazy week having been off sick Wednesday, at the job fair Thursday and today at P’s mom’s funeral. 

What a beautiful service it was though.  The church was gorgeous and the prayers and hymns made me question my own faith (or lack thereof).  I haven’t been to church in a few years even though I feel very comfortable and at home at Global Kingdom Ministries in Scarborough.  I don’t know why I stopped going, I guess I was hoping my ex would come with me, to build our relationship with each other and with God.  But he never did.  He always had a reason – he was working, he had baseball etc etc…and for some reason I let that impact my own relationship with God.  Now I am not the preachy type, I will never tell you to believe in God because I am to new to the church to even begin to understand what that would mean for someone’s life.  I have been touched by God and I know many families who believe in the Lord or of a God other than the one Christians believe in and they all feel like He has touched their lives and the lives of those around him on a constant basis. 

I want to start going to church again.  For myself, not for my ex or for my friends or for my family, but for ME.  Because I choose the life I lead, and I haven’t led a happy one for a long time. 

I went and saw S last night, my therapist, and we talked about what I am now looking for in a man.  It was simple and yet not so simple at the same time.  I am looking for a husband, or at least someone who wants to be a husband, and a father to the children I want to have.  But even more so then that, I am looking for someone who simply just loves me and can say it to me AND show it to me.  Someone who can communicate with me and whom I can discuss MY fears with and HIS fears with.  I want someone who puts our relationship first because I will do the same thing for him.  Anyway, that’s just what we have been talking about. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with surprises and happiness!  Take care till Monday!

XOXO Nikilee

Oh cramp…

So all day yesterday I had this stitch in my side, not like a “I’m getting my period” stitch, but more of a “I just ran 5 miles” stitch.  Now those of you who know me (and if you have been reading my blog, well you do) know that I have never ran 1 mile, let alone 5 so I have been wondering what it could be for the past 24 hours.

Oh ya, I still have said stitch.  It is uncomfortable to breath and sit and stand and laugh and move in any kind of way.  BUT, it’s just uncomfortable, not tonnes of pain, so I am at work waiting to see if it will go away today. 

Today I have mentoring which I am über excited about.  I went to the Dollar Store and picked up a few new things for us to do.  My mentee is adorable and I really hope one day I can convince her to come out of her shell!  She is such a cutie, it’s not fair only I get to see it! 

Last night I bought my dad dinner – Swiss Chalet.  It was the only thing I could stand to eat with this pain in my side.  I don’t buy him dinner often, but I was in a giving mood.  I mean I am also taking my oldest niece R out on Sunday and I will spending a fortune, but she has been so awesome to my dad that she really deserves it!  My dad gives R lunch every day and he really looks forward to their time together.  They have grown close and it’s nice to see since her brother and sister are closer to their maternal grandparents.  So R gets a special day out with Auntie Niki.  I will tell you all about it on Monday because R has access to this blog and I want where we are going to be kept a surprise till the last-minute!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

XOXO Nikilee

Monday morning recap

Good Morning!!!

So it’s been a very, very relaxing weekend!  On Friday I went to dinner with J, R and M.  My three favourite ladies from Consilium Place.  We had dinner at Canyon Creek then went back to J’s house and listened to music on YouTube from our own era – okay well J’s era is a bit old – hahah just kidding *hehe*.  It was a great night and while I went to the restaurant exhausted, I didn’t go to bed till way past midnight and I was just so happy.  Nothing like a girls night to cheer you up!

Saturday was literally a day of sloughing.  I went to weight watchers, and I am assuming the prime rib I had the night before played havoc with my weigh in because I was up 0.8.  UGH!  However my sister has now joined WW so I have another buddy!  YEA!  I was very good this weekend, only using 4 of my extra weekly points.  I hope Saturdays’s weigh in shows my sacrificing.    After the weigh in I went back to bed and slept for 3+ hours.  It was great.  I stayed in bed all day and night.  I watched my shows I have PVR’d and did my dad’s laundry.  Every once in a while it feels great to be bored. 

Sunday I did grocery shopping, cooking and went with E to her bosses house as she is house sitting.  We had some yummy wine and yummy sushi!  We talked and laughed and watched Burlesque – not a great movie, Cher please stop!

I was in bed by 9:30 with happy thoughts of the week to come running through my head. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, whether it was busy or “boring”…please have a wonderful week!

Red, red wine it’s up to you, all I can do I’ve done…..

XOXO Nikilee

Dating and … Lady Gaga??

Okay so the two have NOTHING to do with each other – at least not in my world, but I haven’t been able to update you on my coffee date with C.  He is cute – really cute.  And from what I got to witness, a genuinely nice guy.  Will anything happen beyond our coffee??  I don’t know…time will tell, but like I have said from the beginning, I am keeping a clear head and not letting last years “issues” bring down future possibilities.

Okay, now on to GAGA.  First off, please remember these are the opinions of me, a sleep deprived, hungry, tired lady…

Gaga had the Scissor Sisters opening for her, never heard of them before and they described themselves as a gay British band – I would throw in “80’s” gay British band…I was not impressed and I would never have paid a penny to hear them and I hope I don’t hear them again.  Not my type of music.  After SS left the stage we figured 15 -20 minutes GAGA would come out and WOW us.  Well, almost a FULL two hours latter she graced us with her crazy, freaked out self.

Now I don’t like waiting for anyone, but ESPECIALLY after paying good money.  It got to the point where everyone was booing.  I mean do you know how long two hours is when you are sitting with 20,000 other people – it’s a looooong time!  By the time GAGA actually came on stage, I was pissed.  I wanted to go home and sleep or eat or do both. 

But we stayed and her concert was actually really good.  Other than being a  bit more eccentric than I like, she sang well, danced well and interacted with the audience; even crowd surfing at one point.  Brave girl, I would have let you fall had you jumped in my arms!  I’m just saying! Don’t make me wait!!!!

The highlight of the night for me though was 10-year-old Maria from Winnipeg singing “Born this way” with GAGA.  She sounded beautiful, she looked adorable and I wanted to cry for how happy I was for her, living out her dream.  I danced, I cheered, I screamed and I clapped harder than I ever have before for this little girl.  Her parents must be so proud.

Spending an evening with three of my BFF’s and GAGA and Maria is quite an evening.  I am looking forward to a nice dinner with three of my other favourite ladies tonight and then going home to BED. 

I have weight watchers in the morning…will I finally achieve Onederland?? Time will tell, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen (or king)

XOXO Nikilee

Another day another dollar

Wednesday – my favourite work day of the week!  Why might you ask??  Well because I am close enough to the weekend to be making plans, but I am also far enough into the work week that I am feeling productive, I am feeling like what I am doing is good work, work that benefits my clients, my co-workers and me.

Today I am backing up a SCORE presentation with my co-worker P.  She will be leading the workshop and I cannot wait to see it come to life.  P is a great presenter with a great aura around her that makes people comfortable and feel cared for.  I will learn everything I can today and tomorrow from her.

Now I also have a coffee date/meet and greet!  It’s with this guy C who is really cute and very into his family from what I know about him so far.  Two things that are a big plus for me!  This is a blind date as I have never met him before, but I have my eyes wide open and am super excited for the possibility of just meeting someone new.  One foot in front of the other right!  I have been feeling really good lately and I think it’s because I am focusing on moving onward and upward.  “Friends” who have hurt me or betrayed me are a thing of the past and while I have no idea what will happen in the next week, month or year…the possibilities are great and endless! 

Oh by the way!! Tomorrow I am seeing LADY GAGA with N, K and B!  My little 4 musketeers group!  I love each of these ladies and because of them I am a much stronger person then I was even a few months ago.  I cannot wait to go dance, sing and be silly with my lovely ladies!

But I need to get through today’s presentation…SCORE here I come!

XOXO Nikilee