Find a penny, pick it up…

…All day long you’ll have good luck!

That’s how the saying goes right?  Well I need luck, we all do sometimes.  My grandmother always taught me to walk with my head down.  Now this may outrage people!  Why should a girl/woman walk with her down – she should raise that head and be proud.  Well, my grandmother would agree with you – but if your head is raised, you will never find the money that floats around the sidewalk.  I swear my grandmother earned her weight in pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters – and once she found a $20 bill!  All by keeping her head down while she walked.  Now that is luck!  For her at least, the person who lost the money is probably cussing up a storm!

I have a hard time believing in luck lately, maybe it be the circumstances or whatnot, but for me it’s more of a belief in faith and what will be will be.  Things have been pretty good with me lately.  I had dinner with M last night at Makimono and helped him with some of his problems for a change instead of everyone having to help me with mine!  As much as I was disappointed in some of his recent actions, M is my friend and he honestly hurts over what he has done and for me it’s not my job to forgive, but help him right his wrongs.  The dinner was lovely as was the conversation, but with M it always is!

Now I did something this week a lot of people disapproved of and so did I, but it felt right so I had to do it.  I texted the ex.  His grandmother passed away a year ago this month and even though we were in a bad place at the time, I still loved her!  I wanted to send my best wishes to him and his family.  Now I don’t know if he will actually send his family my thoughts and prayers, because really I am sure they wonder why I am no longer any part of his life, but I know I did a good thing, something I wanted to do!  He texted back about me spending more time with my grandmother and blah blah blah, but really at this point he has no right to give me advice about anything or anyone.  I love my grandmother and I know she is proud of me and will continue being proud of me when her time is over.  But yes, I do know that getting closer to my grandmother is important and I will make a conscious effort to do so.  Since that will be our last time communicating, at least I didn’t cuss him out or A out – I’m a big kid now!  LOL…

Have a great Thursday everyone…

XOXO Nikilee

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