Three blind mice…

If they are blind, why do they so easily find MY house to wander around??  On Sunday morning I woke up and when I was getting breakfast I realized I could no longer see the mouse trap that was underneath our green bin shelf.  I looked down and sure enough, a little white mouse had bitten the dust!

Now you may be saying “and…no big deal”  but to me this is horrible, devastating!  I hate mice, I am so terrified of them, I actually fell backwards and knocked over a chair when I saw the dead mouse.  They freak me out. 

Thankfully, my brother came later that day and disposed of it and reset the trap.  I felt better!  YAY mouse free house! 

Until this morning…there is another F@#$ing mouse in my trap!  I felt ill immediately.  I mean how many can there be?  I am going straight to Canadian Tire today after work and picking up two more traps and those things you plug-in the wall that make them go away.   I told my friend M about my situation and he is going to help me look for holes in the house tomorrow after work and fill them in for me. 

This has really just confirmed one thing for me.  I need to move.  I need to get my a$$ in gear and get out ASAP.  I cannot live in a house where mice rule and my father doesn’t care.  He would share the house with the creatures if it wasn’t for me having a panic attack every five minutes.  I have GOT to be out within one year and if that is not possible, then I go back to renting, because as much as I love my father – more than life – I can’t live in a house that is falling apart and not do anything about it.  I really can’t.  I know this, and to some degree I know he does too.

If anyone wants to come de-mouse my house and they live in or around Scarborough, let me know!!!  LOL

XOXO Nikilee

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