Another day, another mouse?


See when you turn 30 and have no man in your life that is willing to do the yucky, gross things (like getting rid of dead or live mice) you have suck it up and do it yourself.  So after work I did as I said and I went to Home Depot and bought two new traps and one plug-in sound machine thing that makes them want to leave.  The guy at the HD was great and he gave me advice, costs etc (I told him I’d sell a kidney to get rid of the mice – he thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t). 

When I got home with my new goodies, I had one problem left.  There was still a dead mouse in the trap that was in the kitchen.  I sucked it up and with tears flowing, I grabbed a broom, swept it in to the middle of the kitchen so I had a better view to confirm his death was real and not a ploy to get me close to him/her so he could bite me, and put the whole thing (trap and mouse) into a garbage bag.  I then threw the whole bag into the garbage outside.  LIVE OR DEAD YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOME!

I then set the two new traps, plugged in the sound machine, washed my hands and feeling very brave – yet still jittery – sat down feeling very proud of myself!

And there was no mice in the traps this morning, thanks be to God for that cause I prayed for no mice!!!

I had dinner with R and T for R’s 35th b-day!  We went to Ten Ichi in Scarborough – all you can eat Japanese.  It was good.  I liked it, the fish was so fresh and they had a good variety.  However, I was not impressed with the service (though it was really busy) and the atmosphere isn’t as nice as at Makimono.  I will still look to Makimono for my go-to japanese eatery, but Ten Ichi wasn’t bad at all!

Meanwhile…in my attempt to “do more” I signed up for an ASL class at Seneca College starting in May with my friend DC.  She is already okay at signing, but my sign language knowledge has left my brain and I can only hope I pick it up as quickly as I did when I took the program four years ago. 

Yay to me for bravery and showing initiative!

XOXO Nikilee


One thought on “Another day, another mouse?

  1. See honey, you are CAPABLE, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDANT, AND RESOURCEFUL! These events that stress you will only make you more so.
    Aunt S

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