Makimono and Dairy Queen – great combo…

So I have met my sister’s bosses daughter.  J is the cutest 15-year-old kid around.  She is so polite, well-mannered, kind and just adorable – do 15 year old’s want to be called adorable – probably not.  OH WELL.  Me and T took her and T’s daughter K to Makimono!  Yep again…I know I should get stock in that company.  We ate until we were all dying and then had ice cream (well I had Jello).  It was great as always…I cannot say enough about this place.  Please if you like/love Sushi/Japanese food go, enjoy and thank me later!

When I got home, I talked to M who is still having lady trouble – but having been there just a few months ago, I can relate completely.  M wanted ice cream.  My stomach threatened to kill me if I put more food in it, but I said I’d go along for the ride.  Well – knowing me, I would eat a blizzard or a brownie earthquake thingy once we got there, but I was GOOD!  I had a bottle of water while M ate a salad and a blizzard!  LOL…another great combo!?

Talking to M is always fun and always leaves me with something to think about.  After talking about his issues, M talked about my past issues.  M believes that my ex loved me and still does to this day and even though he hurt me beyond what I ever thought possible, he just chose the selfish way out of our relationship when it wasn’t working instead of being a man and working things out.  It doesn’t change how I feel about my ex – at all.  In fact if anything it almost makes me more pissed, but at the same time, it made me think – maybe he did love me…maybe it’s possible to love someone, but not be able to reach out to them, to give up, to move on…I don’t know.  It doesn’t even really matter anymore, because the great news blogging friends is that I am feeling pretty damn good about myself lately!

I have lost to date 19 pds and at least one dress size.  I am spending so much time with friends (E, K and N xoxo all the way to you ladies) that I have really begun to believe in my own awesomeness.  I can’t wait to find a MAN to share that with. 

Easter is this weekend and it looks like it will be a crazy time of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I get to go to church, spend time with my nieces, cook, drink, eat and be merry and have a sleep over at E’s house.  All I need is to get through this week to enjoy a 4 day weekend!

XOXO Nikilee


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