5K – really?

So my sister-in-law and I had this brilliant idea that we would do a 5K.  Now granted we are talking about WALKING the 5K, not running it.  However,  after having signed up for the Walk it Challenge in June with Weight Watchers we realized we would need to start walking.

This is much easier said then done.  I am lazy – as you all know by my many blogs about how lazy I am.  I mapped it out and my block at home is 1K.  So if I do it 5 times then I’m good.  It didn’t seem really hard.  I think the most I have done so far is 2.  I knew we needed more help. 

We went to the Running Room on Saturday to buy me new running shoes and they advised us they have a Walking Club every Wednesday at 7:00.  Sounds good right!  Well last Wednesday we went and it was torture – my feet had a cramp, my toes went numb and I was sweating, but my chest was actually cold.  Good grief, this is what runners do??  WHY!!  Okay, so I was proud of myself and I felt great for having accomplished something so large – oh that’s why.  Okay, so we are doing it again tonight!

GO ME AND T!  WOOT WOOT we rock!  Ya we do and if you don’t believe me I will have my 11-year-old niece Tai Chi your ass (ya supposedly she is really, really good).

XOXO Nikilee


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