American Sign language

So my and my co-worker D decided that we should take our sign language level 1 again.  Seneca college (where I took it last time) seemed convenient enough so we signed up, printed the course schedule and showed up Tuesday for our first class!

It was the same teacher I had last time which put a huge smile on my face because he is AWESOME!  If you have ever wanted to take ASL 1, please take it at Seneca and make sure L. Charbonneau is your teacher!  He is funny and makes learning this new, unfamiliar language seem so effortless!  I love him! 

So far I have learned standard greetings (hello, how are you, fine, yes, no etc) and fingerspelling of the alphabet.  It’s all coming back to me which is good because I expect to get an A or A+ this semester and I want to take part 2 next semester in the fall. 

Having D with me will make it even better because I know someone who can help me with my learning and facial features which is the hardest part for me.  I can help her too which is such a great thing because we both will get to practice on a regular basis!

Wish me luck everyone, I am starting yet another NEW adventure! 

XOXO Nikilee

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