10% – I reached it!

So Saturday morning I was all ready to weigh in.  I knew that I had to lose 0.9 pds in order to lose my 10% thus allowing me to eat Makimono again.  My sister and I agreed a couple of weeks ago that until she reached her 5% and I reached my 10% neither of us would be allowed anywhere near our favourite sushi place.  This was a perfect incentive.  Except for some reason, we both had a couple of weeks where we lost nothing!!  NOTHING!!  Good grief! 

However, my sister stepped on the scale first and she lost 3.2 pds which means she lost her 5%!  We high-fived and screamed and I was sooooo happy for her!  Except now the pressure was on!  I stepped on my scale and thought light thoughts – feathers, balloons, cotton balls – and the beautiful lady behind the counter said 2.4.  I asked the most intelligent question I could come up with: up or down??  When she said down I whooped it up and high fived my sister again and screamed out Makimono!  Now the lady in line behind us was not happy about going after us, but we were so excited we just couldn’t care less about who we were making nervous!  I have lost 22.5 pds and my sister has lost 9.6!  We are so awesome, I am so proud of us both!!

Now I need to lose another 10%.  I am starting from scratch.  which means I have another 19 pds to go.  When I hit that landmark I have no idea what I will give myself, but it will be good – maybe that sweet leather jacket I want from Danier since I ruined my white one I bought there a year or two ago – blue pen on white leather does NOT come out!  😦

Anyone who feels they cannot lose weight and it’s too hard, go to a weight watchers meeting!  I love this company, I love points plus and most of all I love food and I never see that changing – ever – so at least I have found a way to incorporate my fav foods into my life and still lose weight!!! 

 This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

XOXO Nikilee


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