I’m so proud I could cry

So the other day my niece R came over and asked me if she could start a blog.  After going through internet safety etc – she is only 12 – I started her out her own blog.  She wanted to write about video games, but I told her she could write about anything.

Today I decided to check out her blog.  She had written about “The Book of Awesome”.  Her blog was so cute.  I mean it will be for younger people obviously as it is written from a 12-year-old girls perspective, but sometimes she just amazes me.

So today is Friday and I am home – why?  Not because I have a headache, but because I am on a vacation day.  What have I done this exciting day?  NOTHING!  I slept in, I finished the second Harry Potter book for the fourth time and I watched tv.  Now I am here, with all of you!  Tonight I am going to a comedy club with my friend E and my sister-in-law and brother  and four of my brothers friends.  I am thinking tonight will be bittersweet.  I love spending time with E and T and even my brother at times.  Heck, I even like my brothers friend T so that will be fun, BUT I do not like any of the other people coming.  They are low lifes, people who I would never associate with given any other choice.  My brother should have more respect for himself and his wife, but whatever, that is his decision.  I will enjoy the evening with my friends and do everything I can to ignore – blatantly, the moronic fools who are also going – Tom and Lorna, this means you.  I know I never use names on here, but really…

Tomorrow I am super excited because I have a date.  I am going for dinner and a movie with R.  We have been talking for over a week now and he is very kind.  A friend of  a friend and that’s all I am saying about that.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but I have a pretty good feeling about this one.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekends and I hope you build many happy memories!

To me, awesome is a four-day weekend filled with friends, family and food! What is your awesome???

XOXO Nikilee


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