Patience Pays

So in October, I begged God to take me away from all the pain and suffering I was living through because of my situation with my ex.  I could see no way out of it and I was in a place that I never imagined me being in.

But that was almost a year ago – and while this year has been torturous and revealing of many people’s character, I have survived and come out on the other end so strong and so happy with my life.  However, I never imagined myself falling in love again – or even being open to it.

And now I do.  I met a man on the weekend, R, whom I have been talking to for two weeks over the phone and there was an instant connection between us.  We had a wonderful first date – dinner and a movie *Jumping the Broom*, and yesterday he came to church with me.  He is already a Christian, but had wanted to make GKM his home church for a while now, so when he found out that was my home church, he made the move with me!  I am happy.  I have had a constant smile on my face since Saturday and I feel truly cared for.  We both feel like patience pays because when he came to this country, instead of dating right away, he went to school, got a job and got himself somewhat settled.  When he decided he was ready to date, he was introduced to me (through a mutual friend).

So all I can say to you this Victoria Day Monday, is if there is something you want, something your heart desires, give it to God, but let people know, let people in and accept all of the gifts you’ve been given.  I feel like R is a gift to me that I am going to so gratefully accept.

XOXO Nikilee


One thought on “Patience Pays

  1. So happy that you sound happy!!!!!! Go slowly, take your time and remember you are much too beautiful, both inside and out, to ever “settle”.
    Aunt S

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