How could someone so happy be so grouchy??

Oh the early stages of love – they feel so … whats the word – heavenly.  The butterflies, the nerves, all the thoughts that run through your head about the future.  It’s amazing.  My relationship with R is building nicely.  He is kind, considerate, handsome, sweet I could go on and on, but I know some people would never return to this blog if all I did was talk about how great my boyfriend was – besides I did that last time and look where it got me – uh huh!

I went to R’s apt last night because my sister-in-law is not feeling well.  It felt so good to see him, even though I just saw him Monday.  I just feel so at peace when I have him close to me, the smile on my face never leaves. 

Until I got outside and left his apt and the pouring rain made it next to impossible to see more than two feet in front of my face!  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate rain, being wet and cold, not being able to see while I drive?  It puts me in such a foul mood.  Waking up this morning was next to impossible with the overcast sky – the threatening rain I just knew was going to start falling when I started for work.  Luckily R called me and woke me up, because I was contemplating staying in bed and being miserable for the day.  So now I am at work, wet and cold because of the rain, which means I will be grouchy for a majority of this day.  I think on days like today, everyone should get a mental health day.  All this rain and cloud cover can not be good for ones mental health.  I believe it has probably rained or at least spit outside everyday for like 2-3 weeks.  I know on Saturday it stayed dry, but the clouds threatened rain which was close enough for me to call their bluff! 

I am hoping we get some sun, some beautiful vitamin D to soak into my skin, so I can fully enjoy this new glow I have with R.  I guess it’s only fair that something NOT be perfect, if everything was perfect then I would be spoiled too much!  I will just enjoy what time I have with R now and continue praying for better weather to enjoy time with him outside!

Have a great day everyone

XOXO Nikilee


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