What happened to original movies?

So it’s Friday, me and R are still getting to know each other and wanted to go to a movie tonight to spend some more time together.  He told me what was playing and more than half of what was out there were sequels!  Well he has not really seen many movies since coming to Canada so there is no point in going to a show!  Between Hangover part two, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Fast Five etc I can’t help but wonder – does no one have an original thought anymore? 

Now we are going to stay in, (which I am NOT opposed to by any means) watch movies that are rented (or bought so the case may be) and I will work on catching him up on great American cinema. 

Hopefully after watching movies at home for a while he will be ready to go back to the theaters and watch the million sequels that are out there. 

I shake my head at you Hollywood!  With so many talented directors, writers, actors and actresses, you leave them nothing interesting to do, but the same old same old! 

Have a great weekend everyone and if you have ideas for movies to show R (on DVD) pass them along!

XOXO Nikilee


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