Cedarbrae CI. 50th Anniversary

My high school is having its 50th anniversary reunion this weekend.  I am not joining in on any of the festivities.

The social, popular side of me is pretty bummed because it would be great to return to my high school where I first fell in love, learned what real friendship was and had teachers that encouraged and inspired me.

However, the adult in me, the rational, logical side of me thinks if I had gone, it would have been taking a huge step back and that is not something I felt prepared to do.

For one thing.  I met the ex while in Cedarbrae and granted we were just friends, but we were the best of friends and I have given up that friendship – I need no reminder of that.

Second, a lot of ass holes went to my high school.  Kids who were bullies and treated me and others like they were better than me because they had money and were athletic and got great grades.  Why do I want to remind myself how badly I wanted to be in their clique??

Third, thanks to facebook, I have reconnected with every single person I lost touch with after highschool that I wanted to and for the most part, I de-friended them because we had grown apart and didn’t have a lot in common anymore.

So as much as I can look back at my high school days and remember all the good times, I am in a much different place in my life then I was 11 years ago and I love where I am.  I refuse to allow any set backs!

Cedarbrae Collegiate – you are my past, a past I will never forget, but I am looking to my future, my amazing, healthy, happy future.  I am grateful for the lessons you taught me, but because I learned them so well, I was unable to come today.  I hope you enjoyed opening your doors to your alumni!

XOXO Nikilee


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