Weekend happenings…

So before I go into my weekend plans and I need to tell you about a new song.  Please open a fresh window and go to Youtube.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Okay, now put in “I don’t wanna be a crappy housewife”.  This song is awesome!  Not in a good way, but in a funny way!  It is this Norwegian woman – who is quite attractive, but she cannot sing and her video looks like it cost about $100.00 to make.  But the lyrics and beat are stuck in my head and I cannot get rid of them.  Please help me lose this song!  LOL…

Okay so tonight…I get to see R again!  I love seeing him, he makes me smile from ear to ear whenever we talk and since I haven’t seen him since Sunday, I miss him.  We are going to the mall to hang out which will be nice cause we just walk hand in hand and chat (well whose kidding who, I will shop!). 

Tomorrow I am in a full day baseball tournament.  My division (TESS) is putting on a tournament where bragging rights are the prize.  Five offices signed up so it will be small, but fun!  A good day to get out, get some exercise and sun!  I am the trusted back catcher of course!  We’ll see how comfortable I am.  If I am, maybe next summer I will find a women’s league to play with.  No more co-ed…to much drama!

Saturday night is B’s B-day party!  WOOT WOOT!  I love my girl B so celebrating her b-day with my other friend K and B’s husband and friends should be a blast!  Pan bread and Where’s Nemo’s here I come!  YUMM!

Sunday I have church so of course I will see R and he will be meeting my sister-in-law and later that day he will meet – my FATHER!  dum dum dum dum!  LOL…I have to do grocery shopping  so I am going to have R help me and then bring them home and he can meet my dad…scary.  Why?  My dad’s a  great guy right???!!!  Yes of course he is!  However he also has lots of corny jokes and it’s just always nerve-wracking when a guy you really like meets the FATHER.  I am daddy’s little girl (all grown up yes) but still daddy’s little girl!  I am sure they will love each other and all will be fine, but my stomach will be in knots until they meet and it’s all over with!  Wish me luck blogging friends!  And please, have a safe and happy weekend!

XOXO Nikilee


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