The baseball game that wasn’t

Oh don’t you love mother nature…

It was warm and sunny on Friday and I was really looking forward to a great day of baseball.  I impressed my team in the morning with my “mad” catching and throwing skills so our team captain asked me to play first base! YAY me!  I rock!  LOL…

Well ten minutes into the game, the skies decided to piss rain all over us.  We lost 11-7 because of one crappy inning, but I really enjoyed playing first!  I am a cheerleader (not in the sporty sense), not an athlete so I was really impressed how well I did and how much fun we were all having.  Well first game ends and it’s thundering, lightening you name it!  Games were all called due to rain.  My team and I walk up about a zillion flights of stairs, I am out of breath, soaked to the skin and freezing, and crack open a beer.  We decided why wait in the rain – lets sit in our cars.  Now I love Minnie and normally would NEVER have allowed wet, dirty people in her, but I was frozen and had lost my patience so we got in Minnie and warmed up!

About half an hour later, it was still raining, thundering and lightening so our captain pulled us out of the tournament with a team consensus and we went back to his place to eat bbq and drink and have a good afternoon.  Of course an hour or two later it stopped raining and we probably could have played, but no one wanted to at that point!

Now this is where my weekend started looking up.  Captain has the most beautiful daughter, she is mixed Korean (mom) and white (dad).  She is the best of both of them and just an angel.  I had so much fun with her that I could not have cared less about baseball.  We all hung out and talked and it was just nice team building.

Sunday I went to church with R and my sister-in-law.  They finally met!  And then R met my dad…they got along just great.  We all shared Wendy’s for dinner and then me and R took a nap.  Wanna know why??  Because I am very unathletic and very out of shape and my body was in so much pain and discomfort from the day before that I was in tears every time I moved suddenly (and even not so suddenly).  Sigh…thx hunny for letting me sleep.  Being wrapped in your arms was nice and even though I was still in pain I was at peace for a few hours. 

XOXO Nikilee

P.S of course Sunday was sunny and warm too…I hate you mother nature!



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