Facebook – A.K.A bookaface!

So I have been an active Facebook user since 2006 and by active I mean ACTIVE.  I check it numerous times a day, updating my status and creeping others pictures.  It’s immature at best and pathetic at worst I am sure, but I have friends on there that I don’t normally get to see or communicate with either because of distance or because of our busy lifestyles.

When I was with my ex, he and his friends would trash Facebook and my activity on it.  They didn’t like that I posted my pics of them on it and that I posted my personal information on the site when at times this info included them.   After enough trash talking, I removed many of my pics and deleted friends I hadn’t talked to even though I wanted to be able to have contact with them.  I love the odd comments and seeing how they are doing.  Now yes, there were people I deleted that I did not want to communicate with, people who I didn’t like let alone respect or care for.  But I removed about 20-30 people I did.

I decided last night to go back into Facebook and re-add those people and I am grateful most of them have accepted me back as friends.  Now this isn’t just because my new boyfriend R is on Facebook and has no problem with announcing  our relationship status or what we are doing, but because I  have changed a lot in the last few months and part of this has been an increase in my self confidence, self-respect and huge desire to never let someone influence my choices again.

I love being social and having friends and keeping in touch with people so why did I delete these people?  Because other people made me feel like I should??  How lame.  I would freak if my daughter ever let a boy (or girl) influence them to do something they didn’t want to do so why do I accept less from myself?

I don’t – not now at least…and I am so grateful to have a boyfriend who  accepts me as I am and to have Facebook friends that have accepted me back.  You all are great and I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

XOXO Nikilee


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