A weekend high!

On Friday my brother, sister-in-law and I took my dad to the Keg for dinner to celebrate Fathers Day!  Let me start by saying that I love the Keg!  I love it, the atmosphere, the wine, the staff, the food, the wine – oops I said that already right??  It is one of my absolute favourite places to go (I am taking R there next weekend for his b-day in Niagara Falls). 

My dad never gets to go out.  Due to health problems he never eats out – he always orders in – and the Keg is one of his favourite places too so it was nice for the four of us to enjoy this together.  Here is what I ordered:

A Keg size glass of Zinfendel – yummmm.  Baked garlic shrimp for an appetizer – so good with the bread sticks they give you to soak up the butter. Prime rib and lobster tail for my entrée – really I know the lobster tail is so expensive and small, but it’s so goooooood!  Garlic Mashed potatoes were my side dish and while I never eat them all – really after all that other food – they are worth the few bites I do take.

So I was stuffed, I mean I could barely move, please Keg staff, roll me out of your restaurant or I’m staying for a few extra hours!  However I had a night of dancing ahead of me!

I took a nap after dinner – remember I was stuffed!  Then got dressed, picked up my sister-in-law and headed to Pickering to dance it up at the Jukebox!  I went with staff from my old office which includes three of my favourite ladies!  Now while I did not get to hang out with RW much, the other two girls just made me smile and laugh the whole night.  Me and T danced and danced and while I don’t consider myself a good dancer by any means, I had a blast!  I cannot wait for M’s wedding so we can do it all again!

Saturday I took my boy to the TFC (Toronto Football Club) game at BMO stadium.  Now I used to work at BMO as a ticket agent and I never saw a game – I never cared for soccer and I couldn’t have cared less to watch one.  However R loves soccer – he’s from Uganda, it’s their sport of choice.  So I sucked it up and went.  I LOVED IT!  The crowed is crazy, spending time with my hunny and watching him get so into this sport was just amazing and I was so happy!  We had so much fun.

Sunday as usual we had church!  Tony Fernandez, ex-Blue Jay player from the winning 1993 World Series Champions, was the guest pastor and I was a little bit star struck!  I mean, I love baseball and he’s an ex-Toronto Blue Jay!  His sermon was awesome!  I was super excited.  R had no idea who he was, but he enjoyed the sermon as well.  I spent the rest of the day studying for my upcoming ASL written test on Deaf culture.  I also spent the rest of the night with my dad.  I mean it was Fathers Day after all!! 

This is why I love my dad:

1. when my parents separated in 1994, my dad took full responsiblity to raise me (and my brother though he was old enough to raise himself at that point)

2. he was strict and we butted heads (we still do) but I have turned into a pretty great woman if I do say so myself and that has to be because of him

3. when things went down with my ex, he allowed me to come home and gave me my space to mourn the loss of that relationship and supported me when I needed him to

4. he always gives his opinion on everything and anything – even when it is NOT wanted – but I do the same so how can I blame him!?

My dad is an amazing man, who I admire and have so much love and respect for.  He loves his children and grandchildren and though he drives us all bananas we can’t help but be grateful for him (especially now that we are older) because we know it comes from a place of love.

Happy belated fathers day to all the fathers – I can only hope you all live up to my fathers amazing example.

XOXO Nikilee


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