Happy One Month Anniversary R

So one month ago today I went to a dinner and a movie date, never thinking in my wildest imagination that that date would lead to a whirl wind romance.  I mean I had only been officially single since October!  However that is exactly what happened.

Approx 2 weeks before this date a friend called me and said “I’ve been talking to my friend R about you, here talk to him”.  I was LIVID.  I hate being put on the spot, it’s so awkward and uncomfortable, plus I was babysitting my nieces and was a bit busy to be talking to some random stranger I don’t know.  However, he seemed polite, friendly and he asked if this friend could give him my number.  I said sure, really just to get off the phone. 

Well the next day I had a text, and the next and the next and finally he asked if he could call me.  We talked and texted every day for the two weeks that followed until our date.  We have talked every day since as well. 

Here are the reasons I am crazy about R:

1. he brought me flowers on our first date and a dozen red roses the next two Friday’s as well

2. he tells me every single day how he feels about me and how beautiful I am

3. he wanted to meet my family and my family is very important to me

4. he goes to Church and he loves God

5. he wants to hear my voice first thing in the morning and the last thing before he goes to bed, it makes me feel special

6. everything we talk about, everything we do, makes him happy

There are sooooo many other reasons, but this is a good start!  R, happy anniversary – thank you for becoming such an important part of my world and for allowing me into yours

XOXO Nikilee


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