Summer is officially here

So with this being the first full day of summer, I figured I would start thinking of things I want to do/see in the next 2.5 months.

1. Blue Jays games – I know they are not a good team and that they barely bring in 5-10 thousand people, but I love baseball and I want to see as many games as possible.  BTW: great gift for me for Christmas/birthday would be a 20 game flex pack!  LOL

2. Niagara Falls, yes I am going there this weekend to celebrate R’s b-day, but I’d like to do a girls day trip up there for shopping as well

3. Watching my baby boy J play t-ball.  I haven’t been yet and I feel so guilty as a Tita!

4. Take my nieces R and K to the zoo when their mom goes away in August

5. Watch a bunch of movies, because there are some good comedies coming out soon – e.g. Bad Teacher with JT and Cameron Diaz.

6. Take a ride on the Hippo tour bus

7. Walk down by the beaches, window shop, enjoy the summer air


9. CNE with R as he has never been – really!

10. Get as much sun and exercise as possible! 

These are my summer plans so far, I reserve the right to add, delete or alter the list at my own will!

Any other ideas for me…send them along!

XOXO Nikilee


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