How to save a life…

Today is CPR training day at work!  I snuck my way into the training (which is a good thing because i was just accepted onto the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee).  I get to wear jogging pants to work!!  Those of you who know me knows that that statement alone makes this a GREAT day.

I live in jogging pants, I love them, they are sooo comfy.  Jogging pants, flip flops and a tank top are my staple outfit!  Now as a professional case worker I never get to wear my staple to work, but today, I do! 

I have taken some CPR before, but never for any good reason.  Now I can use it and be certified and be a fully certified member of the JOHS.  It’s two long days of training, but I will be in my Gap joggers so it will be a great two days!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

XOXO Nikilee


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