My dedication to Harry Potter

I am WELL aware of what my friends, family and co-workers think of my obsession with Harry Potter.  They ask how old I am, if I am crazy and they call me many, many names!  Now listen, this is my HP story:

Back in 2002 I took a Children’s Literacy course at Trent University.  One of the books we had to read was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J.K Rowling.  I was not thrilled.  It had never interested me and I had no desire to read it.  However, as it was part of the Curriculum I picked it up and read it.  And a day later I was done.  Not because it was short, but because I could not put it down.  I went out and bought the next two books and finished them within a week.  I was taken up by this boys story with his friends.  Fantasy has never interested me.  Witchcraft and wizardry – really?!  I had never read them as a child and still to this day, they are not the books I go to first.  But HP had me hooked from the first chapter of the first book. 

I have read all 7 books numerous times and for numerous reasons.  I have watched all of the movies numerous times and with various people.  However my one friend EL has to be the MOST dedicated HP fan of them all.  Since meeting EL a few years ago we have spent many days and evenings watching the movies, talking about the books and sharing stories about our HP obsession – and for the record – hers is MUCH worse than mine!  LOL

For the past two movies – 6 and the first part of 7, we have faithfully lined up with all the teenagers hours before the premier and watched the movies together for the first time at the midnight showing.  And that is exactly what we are doing tonight.  I will go line up for ten p.m. and EL will join me after her “business” dinner with her hubby. 

After tonight, it will be all over.  No more new HP stuff to ever look forward to.  HOWEVER, it has been hinted by both J.K Rowling herself and many gossip columns that she MAY let us know what happened before HP was born – the Lord Voldemort stuff…and that would be great! 

I will miss HP, he has become a small part of my life (that is quite fulfilled thank you very much!) that is leaving and while I am excited to see how the movie ends the story, I am a little sad that there will be no more Harry, Hermoine or Ron to look forward to.

I guess all I’ll have left is Twilight – and if you think I am a loser for my HP love – WAIT till you see my Twilight obsession!

XOXO Nikilee


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